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Double Head Point Drill Pen

$9.95 $22.11
SAVE $12.16

1pc. Diamond Painting Fatty Pen

$10.95 $23.11
SAVE $12.16

Diamond Painting Tool Pen with Led Light

$8.99 $19.97
SAVE $10.98

28 Detachable Diamond Embroidery Box

$17.99 $39.98
SAVE $21.99

Characterized Diamond Drills Pen

$9.60 $21.33
SAVE $11.73

A4 LED Diamond Painting Light Pad Holder

$25.99 $57.75
SAVE $31.76

Diamond Painting Drills Ruler

$19.99 $35.53
SAVE $15.54

Diamond Painting Storage Box - 64 PCs

$44.99 $99.97
SAVE $54.98

Diamond Painting Presser Tool

$14.97 $33.26
SAVE $18.29

Storage Box Case Holder 60 Bottles

$47.99 $106.64
SAVE $58.65

Storage Box Case Holder 30 Bottles

$37.99 $84.42
SAVE $46.43

DIY Diamond Painting Flat Presser Tool

$9.00 $13.95
SAVE $4.95

DIY Diamond Grinder

$8.97 $13.90
SAVE $4.93

1pc. Diamond Painting Pastel Mermaid Pen

$10.95 $23.11
SAVE $12.16

Diamond Painting Basic Tools

$28.00 $40.60
SAVE $12.60

1pc. Diamond Painting Mermaid Sleek Pen

$10.95 $23.11
SAVE $12.16

1pc. Diamond Painting Pastel Pen

$10.95 $23.11
SAVE $12.16

1pc. Diamond Painting Mermaid Pen

$10.95 $23.11
SAVE $12.16

Diamond art painting has never been easier with our wide assortment of diamond painting tools. Take your hobby to the next level with these diamond painting supplies like diamond pens, light-up boards, and convenient storage cases for all of your individual diamond pieces. Work on your art any time of day with our LED light-up pens and tablets or standalone magnifying lenses with built-in lights to shine on your projects. Wrap up your finished products with a DIY canvas framing kit to show off your beautiful designs. Everything you could imagine is all right here.

1. What is a diamond painting?

Diamond painting is a new and trending art form where a painting is broken down into various patterns. Basically, it is a new craft that is a blend of cross stitch and paint by numbers. Diamond painting is the application of tiny ‘resin’ diamonds to a self-adhesive canvas which is DMC-coded to create a glittery and vibrant painting that you can boast of. This art form is gaining popularity in a very short time given the simple and easy steps that can be easily followed by adults as well as children. No prior experience or expertise is required to do a diamond painting.

2. Who invented diamond painting? When was diamond painting invented?

Diamond painting seems to have originated many years ago in Asia but it quickly became popular in Europe, Russia and China. Other parts of the world know diamond painting as mosaic art, diamond stitch, paint with diamonds, diamond embroidery, diamond art, etc. Diamond beads were first placed on the velvet with the help of the glue. It didn’t prove as effective as modern diamond art, thus, over the time, newer ways of pasting diamonds were introduced. The modern art of diamond painting is invented by a China-based company called Guangdong Dazu Yueming Laser Technology Co., Ltd. According to Google Trends, Diamond painting became popular all over the world since the beginning of 2017.

3. What are diamond painting kits? What is included in diamond painting kits?

Diamond painting kits are designed to get you started with this beautiful art form effortlessly and interestingly. Diamond painting kit includes all the necessary materials it takes to complete a vibrant painting at your home. The kit contains self-adhesive DMC-coded painting picture, diamonds, tools which include sorting tray, tweezers, pen tool, baggies and a wax pad. A good quality diamond painting kit may contain some special tools that are needed for more perfection and precision. Every kit includes detailed instruction guide for you to start painting easily. 

4. What is diamond painting full drill?

Drill is a term used for the diamond gemstones that are used to fix on the canvas. “Full drill” means full coverage of the printed area (the entire picture is pasting area). The full drill looks like a mosaic, so some people use term “diamond mosaic” for diamond painting. 50% of people who love this craft will always choose this type because they prefer sharp lines, clean picture and the fact that there is no free space between diamonds.

5. What are Diamond Painting pens?

A diamond painting pen is a tool that is designed like a pen for easy grip and is used to hold diamonds in place to complete the diamond painting quicker and neater.  The main body is made of acrylic material which is durable and reusable, not easy to break. This diamond painting pen is suitable for beginners and skillful people and it can not only be applied to diamond painting, but also for nail art. Glue the clay on the sticky pen, then stick the diamond with the pen and place it in the desired position, the diamond painting pen can not only complete the diamond painting, but also adjust the position of the diamond to make the diamond painting neater.

6. Who makes the best diamond painting kits?

If you are looking for diamond painting artwork kits online for either adults or children, you should definitely check out Colorelaxation only has kits containing products of excellent quality - colors, brushes, canvas, diamonds and more. Check out their huge array of top-quality and affordable artworks, paintings and canvas are tons of Diamond Painting Kits. At Colorelaxation, you will find diamond painting kits for every occasion – birthday gifts, anniversary gifts, kitty party activity, children’s pass time, adult’s therapeutic activity, etc. 

7. Are diamond painting colors universal?

In Diamond Painting color numbers are always the same if it is DMC numbers. The fact that the paintings have the same color number makes it easier if, for example, you are missing drills for a project. You can then use drills from other paintings to complement. What one has to keep in mind is that even though the DMC numbers are always the same, there may be differences in the shade. If you order paintings from different sellers, you are likely to encounter different shades of the same color.

8. What are diamond painting drills?

In diamond painting, the term ‘drill’ refers to the shape of the diamond that is to be applied to the canvas. There are two main types of drills in diamond painting – square drill and round drill.

Square drill diamonds looks cleaner, line up easily to create a fuller mosaic look without gaps in between the two diamonds. Round drills stick to the diamond pen better but there may appear gaps in between the placement of two diamonds. As a result, the finished painting with round drills looks less complete and sometimes, unclean. 

9. Why seal a diamond painting? 

Sealing your diamond painting will lock all the diamonds in place and the risk of losing diamonds while hanging on the wall and framing it will be minimized. If you want to preserve your painting for a long time, it is crucial to seal the painting before hanging it. You can either use brush-on sealer or spray sealer to seal your painting. The effectiveness of every sealer that is available in the market differs. You can choose the sealer according to your needs. 

10. Can diamond painting be framed?

After you’ve finished your diamond painting, it is time to flaunt it. The diamond painting needs to be framed before hanging it on the wall. The diamond painting can be showcased in a number of ways and one of the best way is to frame it. You can frame it with a standard frame from the craft store, with artist’s stretcher bars, with an art canvas or by taking it to a professional framing shop. The frames come in a lot of styles and finishes to match the décor of your house. 

11. Can you iron a diamond painting canvas?

Often when you start with the diamond painting craft, you will find that the canvas on which you need to stick the diamonds on is wrinkled or folded. Fixing the diamonds on a folded canvas is difficult and messy. It will turn your picture untidy. It is necessary to get rid of the wrinkles and make the canvas crisp. There are multiple ways to remove creases from the canvas one of which is using an iron. Ironing the diamond painting canvas directly can melt the adhesive on the canvas and can spoil it completely. You need to iron canvas by layering it with a muslin or cotton cloth and pressing the iron on the cloth instead of canvas directly. 

12. Can you mod podge diamond painting?

There are many ways to seal a diamond painting before framing it. Out of the many sealants available in the market, one of the most commonly used is mod podge. It is thick and can be easily applied with a seal-on brush or sponge brush. The best thing about mod podge is that it comes in various finishes like matte look, glossy look, shimmery look, etc. Also, mode podge gives a great finishing to the round drill diamond painting. 

13. How does diamond painting work?

Similar to paint by numbers, diamond painting is done by sticking small rhinestones on a self-adhesive canvas instead of using painting colors. Seemingly difficult, this artwork, when started can prove to be the most satisfying and relaxing. Nowadays, diamond painting kits are readily available in the market which not only includes all the necessary materials, but also step-by-step manual to get you started. Diamond painting works by the application of shiny resin diamonds on a DMC-coded adhesive canvas to create a beautiful glittery painting to adorn your house. 

14. How diamond painting drills are made?

The diamonds are made from epoxy resin and are 2.8 mm in size, though some budget manufacturers use lower grade plastic or recycled materials. Diamond drills come in either a round or a square shape. The round drills are easier to pick up with the applicator tool and apply them to the canvas, and the end result resembles an elaborate diamond mosaic. Programmed machines are used to create resin diamonds of colors matching with that of the original picture. Most diamond painting kits are made up of 5D drills, which means that each side has 5 facets. Many different kinds of 3D diamond painting kits also exist, but they are less glittery than 5D diamond painting kits.

15. Can you buy diamond painting in stores?

Diamond paintings come for all occasions, in every genre of design and for everyone. There is a huge collection of diamond paintings in the market. If you are looking for diamond painting kits in a store near you, there is every possibility that the craft store may not have the desired stock of diamond painting for you to choose from. Only the huge craft stores in metro cities and urban areas stock up different varieties of diamond paintings. The best way to shop for diamond painting is from the online stores where you get multiple options and discounted prices. 

16. How to do Diamond Painting?

Once you have decided what kind is diamond painting you want to purchase, and your painting has arrived at your door, the next step is to learn how to actually make a painting with diamonds. There are few simple steps like preparing the space and canvas, understanding the symbols and colors, start sticking the diamonds using various tools, repeat the process with different colors of diamonds, sealing and framing the finished picture. Diamond painting is simple but it requires patience and a little effort. 

17. From where to buy diamond painting beads?

When you purchase a diamond painting kit, the diamonds of various colors to match the color scheme of the picture are already included in the kit. Sometimes, the diamonds, also known as beads, are less in number or you lose them due to some errors from your side. Don’t panic in such situation because there are beads of an array of colors readily available on various online craft stores. These beads can not only make up for the missing colors to ensure the integrity of the diamond painting, but also can DIY the diamond color or match colorful patterns, so you can make the shiny and amazing diamond painting craft easily.

18. How to frame diamond painting?

Showcasing your artwork matters after you have put in such a lot of time and effort to complete a diamond painting. Framing a diamond painting is the best option to preserve it for a longer time. 

  1. Frame it with a standard-sized frame by choosing a frame slightly smaller than the picture. 
  2. Frame it with stretcher bars by measuring the frame, wrapping the stretcher around the canvas bar using staple gun and attaching a wall-mounting hardware to frame the painting on the wall.
  3. Glue it to an art canvas by employing a blank canvas from the craft store, glue and a staple gun to create a clean, flawless design that really pops out of the wall.
  4. Get it framed professionally to flaunt a show-stopping piece on your wall.

19. Which are the best diamond painting kits?

Diamond painting is a lot of fun. With all the effort that goes into creating one of these beauties, you’ll want to make sure that you’re buying the best quality diamond painting kits for the money. No matter which brand you choose, there are a few things to look for that will ensure you receive a beautiful, well-made kit. The canvas quality, picture, design, tools, warranty, price, everything is equally important while choosing diamond painting kits. Diamond paintings are a project that you can display in your home for years to come. Use these tips to help you choose the best diamond painting kits that give you the most beauty for your money!

20. Is diamond painting possible with your own photo?

YES! It is absolutely possible to turn your own photo into a diamond painting. There are many diamond painting websites that offer custom diamond painting kits. They give you an option of making your own diamond painting canvas by submitting your photo to be turned in to a diamond painting kit. There may be many websites offering customized diamond painting kits. Choose the ones that look genuine to you with lots of good customer reviews. A custom diamond painting is a heartfelt keepsake that the receiver will cherish forever.

21. Diamond painting for children, adults and seniors. 

It is said everywhere that diamond painting is an activity that is enjoyable and doable by children, adults and seniors. Let’s understand how it is beneficial to all the ages of the society! Diamond painting improves concentration power and fine motor skills in toddlers and children. In a study, it is found that one of the cheapest, easiest and healthiest ways to reduce high blood pressure and reduce stress levels in seniors with absolutely no negative side effects is something as simple as diamond painting. In adults, diamond painting helps improve discipline, patience and endurance, it helps to keep sadness and depression at bay and increase their social circles. 

22. Diamond painting vs paint by numbers! What is the major difference?

Diamond painting is a new art form that was first introduced in 2015. It was designed as a faster and easier alternative to cross-stitching. This art form is a cross between cross-stitching and paint by numbers. Whereas, paint by numbers is a much older art form compared to diamond painting. The idea of paint by numbers is to prove that anyone could create a masterpiece with the use of the correct colors and paintbrushes. Even though paint by numbers is a relaxing and fun way to unwind it’s a traditional art form that’s ideal for beginners. But diamond painting is a lot easier to do because you don’t have to blend your colors or try to create more detail with brush strokes.

23. Diamond painting round vs square drill

The small resin diamonds that you fix on the painting to complete it instead of paint is called ‘drill’. Based on the shape of the diamonds, the drills are either round or square. 

Round drills are generally preferred by the beginners as they are easy to apply and can be help perfectly in a drill pen. Round drills have more sparkly appearance on the larger paintings. However, round tend to leave small gaps between each consecutive drill that can make your painting look less complete. 

Square drills fit perfectly onto the canvas without leaving any space between two consecutive drills. This gives your painting a perfect sparkly look even if the painting is small in size. Square drills make a more complete and neat painting though they require more efforts than round drill.

24. Difference between 3D and 5D diamond painting kits

Diamond painting kits are available in variety of sizes, designs and types. The drills of diamond painting kit are divided into two categories - 3 dimensional and 5 dimensional. The dimensions of the drill are referred to the number of facets on the diamonds. 3D diamonds have 3 facets on each side making a total of 9 facets on a diamond whereas, 5D diamonds have 5 facets on each side making a total of 15 facets on a diamond. It is obvious that the increase in the number of facets increases the refraction of light and thereby, increasing the sparkle of the diamond. As a result, 5D diamond paintings appear glitterier and shiny compared to 3D diamond paintings. 

25. What is full and partial drill diamond painting?

Full and partial drill diamond painting is referred to the canvas which is covered with painting. Partial drill means only a part of the picture is to be covered with the beads. Rest of the picture is printed and to be left as it is. Partial drill diamond painting is useful when a part of the picture is to be highlighted and rest to be left as a background. For example, a beautiful red rose in the garden. If the whole garden is covered with beads, the rose will lose its importance and become one with the background. Partial drill paintings are used to focus on the center piece and highlight it. 

Full drill diamond painting is the canvas that is completely covered with beads. It is like a mosaic. In full drill painting, every single inch of the canvas is covered with sparkly diamonds. Both types of diamond painting are commonly used and are equally worthy of your beautiful house.

26. What are diamond painting tools?

Diamond painting kits come with some basic tools to help you complete the painting. Before starting with the painting, it is necessary to understand the tools and the use of each tool that comes in the diamond painting kit. 

  1. Square or round drills of different colors matching the color scheme of the canvas
  2. Drill pen to hold the diamonds correctly to stick to the canvas
  3. Drill holding tray with a funnel to sort the diamonds correctly
  4. Glue or wax to insert the pen tool into.
  5. Rolling applicator to set each diamond in place after the picture is complete.

27. What are the different types of Diamond Painting Sealer?

After finishing the diamond painting, it is important to seal it as it increases the longevity of your diamond painting and locks the diamonds in place. The risk of diamonds falling off in the long run is considerably reduced. To seal your painting, there are various sealants/sealers available in the market.

  1. Brush-on sealers: They are water-resistant and dust-proof. They come in various finishes and consistencies and are very easy to use.
  2. Spray sealers: They are different from brush-on sealers as they do not fill the spaces between the diamonds. They are used to give an ultra-shiny look to your painting. They are water-proof and dry quickly.

There are many companies that make both brush-on as well as spray sealers. Which type of sealer to be used also depends on the type of diamond painting kit that you bought. 

Diamond painting tips for Beginners.

Now that you have decided to try your hands on diamond painting, we’ve listed a few tips and tricks to help make your diamond painting experience easier and a lot more fun.

  1. Don’t compromise on the quality of canvas. Lay your canvas on flat surface for better finishing.
  2. Round drills are recommended for beginners. Use sorting trays and diamond applicator to lay the diamonds in place.
  3. Go slow with the diamonds. Do not rush to complete the painting.
  4. Start diamond painting in a well-lit space.
  5. Get rid of the air bubble by using cloth or steel scale.
  6. Use innovative tools to make your diamond painting easy and fun.

These are the few tips that are sure to help you with the diamond painting and enjoy it!


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