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Diamond painting is emerging as one of the most popular creative art nowadays and its demand is increasing day by day. Diamond painting is very much similar to a cross stitch painting; the only difference is the this art uses diamond diamonds on an adhesive surface instead of stitching threads on clothes.

People, who have creative side to them, are more attracted to this form of painting because it doesn’t require professional training and anyone, no matter a beginner or a pro, can easily create a superb art with the help of different diamond painting supplies.

Where can you get diamond painting supplies? is an online shop where you can get various types of paintings and the platform also provides artists with the wide range of diamond painting Artwork. There are different types of diamond painting kits available on the platform with different supplies. Basically, a Diamond painting Kit includes different items (referred to as diamond painting supplies) inside it that fulfil different purposes while creating a diamond painting. Its main element is an adhesive coded canvas which is pre designed with a diagram, a pen called applicator tool used to pick up the rhinestones and fix them properly on the adhesive coded canvas. Different colored rhinestones and a tray are used to arrange the diamonds. These rhinestones diamonds are come in two shapes: i.e. Round and Square.  Both of them have their own importance but the square one are better used for more clarity and clean outcome because round stone does not covers entire painting which doesn’t look nice after the finish.

Other than basic tools for diamond painting kit there are some extra tools available that will make your work easier.

Let’s find out...

Here are must-have diamond painting supplies to make your work easier:

Color Relaxation presents three amazing diamond painting supplies to improve and enhance your diamond art and make you a diamond painting pro:

Ultra Thin A4 LED Light Tablet Pad for Diamond Painting

Creating Tattoos, sketching, drawing and diamond painting is such a hard task to do as we have to find a silent and brighter place to sit and draw the painting. But this awesome tool will solve all of your problems that come across you and your diamond painting project. It will help you to enjoy your project anywhere and in any condition.

  • It is best for stenciling, 2D animation, calligraphy and any full drill or partial drill diamond painting.
  • It is an easily portable and ultra thin item with a flicker free and brighter light.
  • Light and brightness can be adjusted from low to high.
  • It is created very carefully with advanced technology that will not affect your eyesight at all.


Diamond Painting Tool Pen with LED Light

It is a cute tool comes with various cartoon figures on it. It comes with only few features like lighting and on/off feature that is available in 8 different faces and colors. It can be used for both square as well as round rhinestone diamonds. It does not come with a chargeable battery, so you need to change the battery if it runs out.


Diamond Embroidery Box with 28 detachable sections

It is one of the most important tools if you are a professional diamond painting artist. It is basically a diamond storage box with 28 different sections for different color diamonds. It will help everybody to store and manage the diamonds safely after use.

Main features of this tool are as follows:

  • Detachable boxes make it easy to carry, use and replace the particular mini box inside the main box.
  • Made of good quality plastic polymer and transparent containers.
  • Easy to recognize the different diamond colors.
  • It is multifunctional storage box where you can store you diamond stones as well as nail art embellishments, makeup and other small items.


    Foldable 3X magnifier with LED lighting

    It is a unique product available in our collection. It contains a 3 times magnifying glass with LED lighting. LED lights are produced by batteries that can be replaced after it runs out along with on/off button. In diamond painting, it will help you when you need to fill the small portions. Other than painting it is also be used in hospital inside optometrist’s lab.


    These are the most innovative and important tools that must be in your diamond painting kit. So, what are you waiting for, come and shop for the best diamond painting supplies in our online store.

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