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Paint by Number for Adults - The Simplest Guide

By Colorelaxation October 31, 2018

Painting is always very nice and creative activity for adults because every person starts to like and embrace his own creations in the adulthood. Before step into painting, you have to learn some basic rules about drawing, colors and combining different shades of colors to make them stand out. Without learning the basics, you can’t get desired results. Before you start panicking about the basics, let us reassure you that painting has become very easy for everyone these days, especially the number painting. In this kind of painting, all you have to do is follow a pattern as defined by the numbers. Additionally, you have amazing tools for making your work quite easy, for example, paint by numbers kits, diamond painting kits etc. These kits are available online on where you can buy best ever and beautiful Paint by numbers kits for adults.

Before you start, here is a brief introduction to this art..

Painting by number is an approach where a pre designed canvas is come with number of sections and shapes. Each section is denoted by a number and number corresponds to a particular color. This form of painting does not include drawing a picture but just fill the colors in the painting according to the numbers. You have to paint each section of picture and once you finish, you end up with a masterpiece. Some of the people think that this type of painting system is very simple and uncreative. Well, in our opinion, it’s not. Yes, number painting is all about coloring and the role of colors in a painting is very crucial. Color choice, combination, and way of filling is something that requires a lot of creativity and hard work? A person should have a creative mind and an ultimate sense of colors to create a real “Work of Art” through painting by numbers.

How to start?

First of all, you must have a good quality paint by number kit from a genuine dealer such as Color Relaxation. You must know the items and tools you might need because you need to make sure that those paint by number supplies are included inside paint by number kit you buy. If you have no idea about the tools, here are the basic thing that you must have:

  1. A brush
  2. Color pots
  3. Printed canvas
  4. One finished picture

A finished picture is also available in such kids to give you an idea about how your picture looks like in the end so that you can choose wisely. Apart from that, you must check the type of colors provided in the kit because the colors can affect the whole look of your painting. Please note that acrylic colors are better than all other types.

Now chose a genuine dealer for best paint by number kit and is the best online shop for amazing paint by number kits and supplies with a wide variety. Colorrelaxation’s Paint by Number and Color by Number kits include premium quality components that will help you to create an exceptional painting experience.

Some Important Tips Before You Get Started

  1. Choose a brighter and silent place for painting and place a table in that area.
  2. Now cover the table and floor with a old clothes or newspapers because you don’t wanna end up with a mess to clean.
  3. Open paint by number kit and place the canvas on table.
  4. Pick out the brush and the color pots.
  5. Now read the directions carefully that are provided on the outer side of the painting box and also the keep the finished picture in mind provided in the kit.
  6. Other than essential painting tools, you have to keep a cup of water for cleaning brush and a magnifying glass to paint smaller areas carefully.
  7. Now start with a particular number. Keep in mind that start from the smaller sections and further move to the larger areas.
  8. After finishing one section leave the canvas to get dry and wash brush thoroughly by water to avoid the mixing of colors. And while filling colors, always spare some amount for the missing sections.
  9. Don’t use so much color on one section for preventing the color from running out of the particular section.
  10. Always start from upper side so every painted section will always be above your hands.

Tips for buying paint by number kits

Buying paint by numbers kit is an easy work but there are a lot of things to watch out. Here are some tips for buying:

  • You can buy one from online shops.
  • Before buying must know about the all of the items available inside paint by number kit and check all of that are available inside or not?
  • Must check out the type of colors provided inside the kit, because acrylic colors are better than oil or water colors.

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