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Looking to buy diamond art kits? Before you invest in one, there is a couple of things you must keep in mind. First of all, you need to check the tools that are present in a kit. For an amateur, the basic tools such as pen tool, tweezers, baggies, wax pad, and sorting tray is a must but for the seasoned painters, specialty tools are required. Moreover, the 5D kits are available in various types and you must choose one which is most suitable. Here is a rundown of the most important things you need to check out before buying the diamond art kit.

Must-Know Things Before Investing in Diamond Art Kits

Before you think of buying a diamond art kit, you should have a fair idea as to what tools you would need for the diamond painting, what type of kit you must choose, the type of the canvas material you must invest in and much more. With adequate information, you would be able to buy the right kit.

#1.Basic Diamond Painting Tools

It is absolutely necessary for you to check that the diamond art kit you invest in has the basic tools such as the pen tool, wax pad, baggies, tweezers, and a sorting tray. The pen tool is necessary for picking up the diamond crystals and transferring them to the canvas. Kits are available with a host of baggies containing the different coloured diamond crystals. Before beginning the painting the crystals are poured onto the sorting trays and the plastic is removed from the canvas with the help of the tweezer. The wax pad containing the wax that enables the crystals to remain stuck on the canvas.

Apart from these basic tools the other art supplies that are available with the kit are label stickers, plastic plates, masking stickers and much more.

#2.Types of Kits

For the budding painters the diamond painting kits containing the basic tools are enough. Many kits are available with specialty tools for the seasoned painters. These tools offer greater speed and comfort. Basically, there are three major kinds of kits to choose from such as follows:

  • Partial Drill Kits: The kit contains drills or diamond crystals that cover only a part of the painting. Each of the canvas is printed making use of the ‘high-definition’ printing techniques but some exhibit paintings with the diamonds which cover the complete canvas. The painting bears the symbols which indicate the position where the diamonds must be placed. The featured subject is highlighted with such a kit. It permits the HD printing to be seen as the background is left blank.
  • Full Drill Kits: In the full drill kits, the diamonds cover the complete canvas. These kits are available with symbols all throughout it. The ‘full drill’ paintings are time-consuming and require a lot of patience. The glue covers the complete image and it is best to complete the painting by working on one section at a time. However, the end result of the ‘full drill’ paintings is marvellous.
  • Multi-paneled Kits: The multi-panelled kits have multiple panels which are used for creating a bigger picture. This helps in creating innovative paintings and thereby soothes the mind and calms the senses of the painter.

#3.Type of Canvas Material

The canvas is available in a host of materials. For the beginners, the smaller sized canvas is the best. They are cheaper as well. The seasoned painters can invest in a more expensive canvas material.

#4.Types of Painting Drills

Before you invest in a diamond painting kit, you must know there are basically two types of drills; the round and square one. For the round drill, round shaped diamond beads are used and for the square one, the square-shaped diamond beads are used. The ‘full square’ drill looks like a ‘mosaic’. Many prefer this art as there is no space between the diamond beads and the image portrays a clean picture with sharp lines.

The ‘round drill’ looks like the ‘cross stitch’. For the small paintings, this is the ideal drill type. Some prefer painting with this drill as there is free space between the diamond beads and they are shinier.

#5.Purpose of investing in a Diamond Painting Kit

With the right diamond painting kit you would be able to create the right diamond painting. These paintings can widely be used to enhance the decor of your room. Not only they serve as a great piece of art, but also diamond painting offers an array of health benefits to the painter.

Thus for the plethora of benefits associated with diamond painting, it is wise to invest in the right diamond painting kits.

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