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6 Diamond Art Accessories You Need

By Colorelaxation July 06, 2021

If you are new to diamond art painting or just want to step up your game with the right tools and accessories, Colorelaxation can help you find all the right supplies. We have a great selection of diamond art accessories that serve a variety of purposes so you are sure to find what you need right here. Just to give you an idea of what you might want to pick up, here are some helpful diamond art accessories that anyone can appreciate.

  1. Diamond Trays

Regardless of how much experience you have in diamond painting, you would greatly benefit from having extra diamond trays on hand. They are just so useful for staying organized while you work, it genuinely makes a real difference. You can have all of the pieces you need set in front of you in their own containers. This also makes it easier to place them all back into their own containers when you are done, so everything is as neat as possible.

  1. Storage for Supplies

Anyone who is actively and passionately involved in arts and crafts understands the importance of proper storage. It makes all the difference in the world when you are able to quickly and easily reach into your supplies kit and get the exact item you need. If you enjoy diamond art painting, you will probably have quite a few tools and an assortment of diamond pieces in different colors in your supplies. To help you stay organized and keep your workstation neat and tidy, you will definitely want a place to store all of your diamond art accessories, supplies, and tools. We have quite the selection of storage supplies for you to choose from here at Colorelaxation, so all you have to do is pick out the containers that you think would best fit your supplies.

  1. Magnifying Lenses

After working on projects for hours on end, your eyes will probably be pretty tired. Your eyes strain as you work and focus on each individual piece. This is exactly when you want to use your diamond art accessories to make your projects easier to carry out. Instead of straining your eyes, you could bring out your magnifying lens to zoom in on the areas you are working on. That way, you can relax your eyes and lean back a bit more comfortably as you work. If you want a completely hands-free option, you can pick up some magnifying glasses that will stay securely on your face without needing adjustments as you move to different parts of the canvas.

  1. LED Lamp

Like many adults, you might find that the only time you have to enjoy your personal hobbies is in the evening after work hours. By that point, the sun is already dipping and making it harder to see the work you are doing. When you are just not in the mood to turn on the lights and fill the room, you can use a lamp to spotlight what your eyes need to focus on. These diamond art accessories are ideal for helping with your diamond paintings, but you can also use them for any other art project you want to work on in the evenings.

  1. Diamond Grinder

Diamond grinders are diamond art accessories that you might not fully appreciate until you actually need them. Once you do, you will be so grateful you picked one up. They are used for separating diamond drills from each other on the odd occasion they get stuck together. When this happens, it can be tricky and frustrating to split apart without the right tools. Diamond grinders are great because they are able to quickly separate your diamond drills without damaging or breaking anything. All you have to do is place your diamond bits inside the grinder, then shake and twist them up. Just like that, you have your pieces carefully separated in a matter of moments. 

  1. Diamond Painting Frame Kit

Once you have placed the final piece down to finish your diamond painting, you will be left with a beautiful finished project in the design you chose for yourself. After all the time and effort you put into your project, it would make absolute sense for you to want to show it off. A DIY diamond painting framing kit is perfect for these exact moments. Each kit includes all of the components you would need in order to frame your final work of art so that it can be put on display anywhere in your home. You can proudly show off your creation with an easy-to-assemble framing kit that turns your embellished canvas into framed artwork ready to be hung up on a wall.

Feel free to explore all of our diamond art tools and accessories at Colorelaxation, so you can find everything you need to make your hobby more comfortable and enjoyable. We have options for all of the products mentioned above, along with even more that you might find helpful in your personal diamond art kit at home. As always, you are welcome to ask us any questions you have about diamond art painting or picking out supplies. We are happy to help.

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