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6 Ideas for Your Custom Diamond Painting

By Colorelaxation September 28, 2021


Hobbies, such as creating art, are one of the best ways people can relax, decompress, and healthily express themselves. Creating art in its various forms has been a popular mode of self-expression for centuries. Art has been utilized by some of the greatest artists and minds since the dawn of human civilization, so it’s no wonder why human beings continue to love using it to this day.

When “art” is discussed, people often instantly affiliate the term with painting, drawing, pottery, sculpting, and even writing. While all of these are wonderful forms of art, they are by no means all there is. However, there are plenty of other art forms out there! Plus, there are many that have developed in more recent times, especially due to improvements in technology.

One excellent example of a newer form of art is diamond painting. This form of art is similar to color by number, but instead of using paint or colored pencils, you place small rhinestones with an applicator. The final product shows a textured and intricate work of art.

This form of art is truly remarkable and unique, but it is still possible to create a design that you might not particularly like or isn’t as vibrant and intricate as your thought it would be. That’s where we come in at Colorelaxation. We are proud to provide all of our creative customers with high-quality kits for diamond paintings. But, if you would like to create a custom diamond painting, we have that option available as well!

To get started with your own custom diamond painting, you will need to provide us with a specific photo of what you’d like to create. But, we also realize that can be a difficult question to answer, as you may have tons of photos you want to use. Here are six ideas for your custom diamond art kit.

1.  A Furry Friend

If you are an animal lover, then why not consider making a diamond painting of your furry friend? You can take a photo of your pet as he or she is now. Make sure to get him or her in their favorite place in the house or in the backyard!

You could also use a photo of a past pet. You can memorialize them forever by bringing your favorite photo of them to life. By doing so, you will also feel like you are strengthening your connection with your fallen pet. It will truly be an emotional yet rewarding process and outcome.

You could either create something from a photo of just your pet or create a diamond painting from a photo of you with your pet! It would further the idea of just how important your pet is or was to you, a feeling you won’t ever forget when it’s within a stunning art piece.

2.  Favorite Landscape

Have you ever been to a place with a breathtaking view that you wanted to memorize forever? If you took a photo of that particular place, then you can certainly make a gorgeous art piece out of it. You can swoon over the beauty of that landscape and nature in general while creating it as well, which will bring you closer to it once again. Once it’s finished, you will feel closer to that important place and be able to display it anywhere you like so you can see it for years to come.

3.  Favorite Cityscape

If you have ever traveled to a different city that you loved, why not use a photo of the city as your muse in a custom diamond painting? There is something to be said about the majestic nature of a cityscape or a skyline. One fine example is New York City, but it can be really any city you prefer. It could even be your own city’s skyline so you can boast the pride you have in your home city!

After traveling to a different country, you might also have found stunning cityscapes there as well. Some examples could be Barcelona, London, Paris, and Prague. You could forever encapsulate that city’s skyline along with the emotions you felt and the activities you indulged in while there. 

4.  Favorite Plant(s)

When you appreciate the beauty of nature, that love and admiration can be inspiring. You can utilize a photo of your garden or a favorite flower you saw on a walk to create your art piece. If you have a favorite plant in your home that brings you light, joy, and ease, you could take a photo of that and send it to us in order to create a unique floral piece that would be a gorgeous home decoration.

5.  Wedding Photo or Memorabilia

Did you know that you can even create these unique art pieces with photos of people? You can take a photo of you and your spouse from your beautiful wedding day and turn it into your art piece! It could potentially be a great anniversary gift as well, forever commemorating that special day you shared together.

While you could certainly use your wedding photo, you could even use photos of other objects and people. The bouquet, the dress, centerpieces, the archway, the wedding party-- anything and everything from that day!

6.  Family and Friends

You could even take a photo of your loved ones, whether they be family members or your friends, and make it into art to display either in your house or work. You could even make this from a photo of your family and gift it to them for various holidays and celebrations.

This could potentially be a great gift for a housewarming party, anniversary, or even to give someone who is in mourning for their loved one. This unique art piece can evoke a host of emotions in a constructive and loving way.

We can’t wait to see what you have chosen to use in your custom diamond painting! Feel free to follow our steps to creating one of these beautiful and personalized pieces of art. You could also browse our various other products to satisfy your inner artist!

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