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Diamond Art Kits for Kids and Adults

By Colorelaxation September 17, 2020

Diamond Painting is in vogue right now and all for the right reasons! Just like adult coloring books and puzzles, Diamond Painting is a hobby that is associated with mental, intellectual and emotional health benefits. Diamond painting is an activity that helps relax your mind and relieves stress. 

Let’s understand Diamond Painting in Detail!

Diamond Painting is a type of a painting that is done on a canvas using diamond-like beads as paint and diamond applicators are brushes. Similar to paint by numbers, diamond painting is done by sticking small rhinestones on a self-adhesive canvas instead of using painting colors. Seemingly difficult, this artwork, when started can prove to be the most satisfying and relaxing. Nowadays, diamond painting kits are readily available in the market which not only includes all the necessary materials, but also step-by-step manual to get you started. Diamond painting works by the application of shiny resin diamonds on a DMC-coded adhesive canvas to create a beautiful glittery painting to adorn your house. Other commonly used names for diamond-painting are diamond art, diamond embroidery and diamond cross stitch.

The best thing about Diamond painting is that this art requires no professional training or artistic skills. It can be enjoyed by kids and adults both.

Diamond Painting for Kids

Diamond painting is a fun-filled and an engaging hobby for kids that can develop their interest in art since a very young age. 

  • It can boost confidence, improved self-worth, enhance focus, and teach patience and consistency to the kids. 
  • Moreover, the sparkling rhinestones attracts the interest of the little ones and they couldn’t hold themselves of laying their hands on the glittery diamonds. 
  • Diamond painting kits for kids is a better option than playing video games on the gadgets as it stimulates their mental growth and gives them an artistic exposure.
  • Diamond painting also improves and fine-tunes children’s physical motor skills. It increases their hand-eye coordination and also flexes their hand and finger muscles.
  • It improves a child’s overall concentration and focusing abilities.  

How to choose a diamond painting kits for kids?

Kids know their choices better than their parents. Some kids are more inclined towards superheroes, cats & dogs, paint dolls & unicorns, and some might want to paint fierce lions and tigers. Let your kids figure out what interests them more. We’ve picked some interesting kids that will be loved by every child from

Unicorn Carousal Diamond Painting

This colorful diamond painting will be loved by children and is also the favorite object of fascination for most of the kids. The children will love painting the unicorn with diamonds. 

Halloween DIY Diamond Painting

This Halloween DIY Diamond painting includes every element that is dearly loved by the kids. This is the best-selling painting amongst the kids. 

Diamond Painting for Adults!


In the cut-throat competitive life, one hardly gets any time to sit back and relax. Diamond painting comes to help here as it is a relaxing activity, quite compared to a form of meditation that helps an individual to be one with himself and breathe in peace. 

Here are some of the wonders that diamond painting does to an individual’s physical and mental health:

  • Reduces Stress

Just like meditation, diamond painting also allows us to switch off our brains from other thoughts and focus only on the moment, helping to alleviate free-floating anxiety.

  • Sparks Creativity

Diamond painting also stimulates the brains right hemisphere, which is associated with creativity. Everybody needs a creative outlet of some form as it is such a great form of stress relief. Diamond painting will enable you to create stunning pieces of art, without having an artistic bone in your body with the easy to follow patterns.

  • Increases your Social Circle

The feeling of being a part of a bigger community is certainly a fulfilling one. And with the diamond art painting growing and taking off all over the world, it’s becoming easier to find others who enjoy the art of diamond painting the same as you! Through forums, groups and channels, you can meet people who share this same similar interest and, who knows, even make a long-lasting friend or two. 

Here are the two most-loved DIY diamond painting for adults available at

Budhha Statue DIY Painting

This divine painting is loved by everyone who are religious and want to adore their houses with religious figures. It gives a personal touch to their space.

Yellow Rose DIY Painting

Flowers are universally loved by all. They are also the perfect gift for all the occasions. 

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