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Ultimate Guide To Paint By Numbers

By Colorelaxation September 17, 2020

If you are very fond of painting but have not learned professional painting, Paint by numbers is perfect for you to pursue your passion. The concept has been growing in popularity in recent times because it gives you a chance to create masterpieces without having to learn in depth about painting principles. The quality of the paintings, the variety of formats, and a lot of subject options are the reasons for its popularity. Before you buy your Paint by Numbers kit, it is essential that you first know everything about the concept.

What is meant by Paint By Numbers?

Under this system, a painting is divided into shapes, with each one marked with a number. The numbers correspond to a specific colour and when you paint in each shape what you get finally is a finished painting. People often label the concept as non-creative and too simplistic, but it conveys the idea that a painting is nothing but a series of multiple color shapes. These shapes may not denote anything individually, but they come together to create a final beautiful product.

How Paint by Numbers helps you grow as a painter

Paint by numbers Kit promotes your growth as a painter in the following ways:

  • It enables you to see colour shapes by yourself without depending on printed diagrams
  • It helps you to see the different areas and analyze the subject you are painting
  • It helps you to concentrate on small areas of the painting instead of the entire finished project
  • It improves your brush control, required for an artist, and helps you paint accurately on specific areas like adding shadows to an object
  • The kit enables you to create beautiful art pieces you can add to your home decor

Health benefits of Paint by Numbers

Paint by numbers is not only a creatively satisfying hobby, but it also provides various health benefits, such as:

  • Relieves tension: Paint by Numbers is a great way to release your pent-up emotions that can harm your health. It helps you to express yourself freely with your emotions, giving an outlet to let them escape. Paint by numbers has a therapeutic effect and makes your mind calm and relaxed
  • It can help treat psychological issues: People with psychological problems will see improvements in their health by using the Paint by Numbers Kit. It will resolve difficulties in expression, remove conflicts, and improve communication
  • Improves your motor skills: Painting by numbers requires adjusting hand movements while holding the brush in different positions. This helps to develop the brain connections related to these activities and improves motor skills
  • It stimulates the left and right brain hemispheres: Paint by numbers requires both rational and logical thinking, which is a left-brain activity, and creative and emotional thinking, a right-brain activity. In this way, it stimulates and balances both the left and right brain hemispheres
  • Enhances your concentration powers: Paint by numbers requires a lot of focus and attention to the small details. This helps you to keep your brain sharp and enhances your concentration

How did the Paint by Numbers concept come about?

Dan Robbins, a package designer for the Palmer Paint Company in Detroit, developed the concept. He visualized the idea in the late 1940s when his boss asked him to create an item that adults would love. Robbins was inspired by the legendary artist Leonardo Da Vinci who would give similar numbered designs to his assistants to complete.

Robbins used the same idea to create the first Paint by Numbers kit. He first painted an original artwork and using a plastic sheet, outlined shapes for each colour and shade. He marked each segment with a number and a corresponding colour. The painting kits were an instant hit and became very popular everywhere in the U.S. 

Today computers create the areas for each number, but earlier the entire picture had to be painted and acetate or clear plastic used to create the numbered areas.

What do you get in the Paint by Numbers kit?

You will get a brush and little pots of paint containing all the colours you will need. There will also be a printed outline of the picture. The quantity of paints will be enough for you to complete the painting. It will contain mostly acrylic and oil paints, though sometimes you get watercolours and pencils. Acrylic paints are good for beginners since you can wash the brush with water

The Paint by Numbers process

These are the steps in the Paint by Numbers process:

  • Select a kit: First, decide what kind of painting you want to create. There are many varieties available such as birds, animals, cartoons, and others. Once you have selected a theme, you can order your Paint by Numbers Kit 
  • Choose a neat workplace: Once you get your kit, organise a neat, quiet place where you can work. You can use a table protected by old newspapers or work on your washable floor
  • Study the directions on the kit: Open the kit and read all instructions carefully. You will find numbers which correspond to a specific colour. Your painting sheet also has numbers
  • Keep some water and a piece of cloth ready: Use a cup to fill the water you need for cleaning your brush. You will also need a rag to wipe your brush dry after cleaning
  • Select a colour and paint: Open a colour container and paint those sections which are marked with that number. SImilarly, paint each area with the specific colours assigned to them 

Mixing the colours correctly

If you have got pre-mixed colours, you do not have to worry about mixing. Use the letters and key provided on the sheet such as A 12/6 if you are mixing it on your own. It means you need to mix the colour with the numbers 12 and 6 on it, be sure to use equal proportions.

How to paint like a professional using numbers?

These tips will help you paint like a professional using your Paint by Numbers kit: 

  • Paint one colour at a time starting from the smallest area to the largest
  • It is better to start from the top of the painting to avoid disturbing the wet paint
  • Do not use too much colour as it will run into other sections. Use only the right amount needed 
  • Start painting from the darkest to the lightest colour or the other way round. Any segments having mixed colours can be left for the last. This helps to learn more about the colours’ tone and chroma 
  • Keep ready a jug of lukewarm water to wash your brush (for acrylic Paint by Numbers kits). Keep a piece of cloth to wipe and dry the brush
  • It would be better to dip only the tip of your brush into the paint
  • Be patient while painting and do not hurry to finish a section quickly. Bending the hairs of the brush too much will damage the fine tip. Apply only minimum pressure with the brush
  • Clean your brush before dipping into another colour. Dipping into a light colour without cleaning after using a dark one can contaminate the light colour
  • Some shapes need painting with double or mixed colours. It means you have to mix two colours together. Be careful to clean your brush before dipping into another colour to prevent contaminating the colour. Use a surface like an old saucer to mix the two colours to avoid using too much paint or going over the edges
  • Allow one area to dry completely before you start painting the neighbouring area
  • You can paint very small areas with the help of a toothpick
  • Choose a well-lit area of your home for painting
  • Always close the paint containers after use to prevent them from drying up
  • Enjoy the painting process and do not get stressed up
  • Hide the colours by applying more than one layer of paint

Paint by numbers is an amazing concept that provides you with excellent, creative satisfaction, besides improving your artistic skills. ColoRelaxation’s  Paint by Numbers KIt helps you unwind after a stressful day at work and provides an outlet for your repressed emotions. All their products are high-quality, and there are several varieties of kits available for adults and children featuring birds, animals, cartoons, scenery, and more.

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