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Why You Should Try Diamond Painting Custom Kits

By Colorelaxation September 21, 2021

We like to give our customers as much creative control over their projects as possible, which is why we offer so many types of diamond art styles and accessories. It allows you to have more say over how you enjoy your down time and personal projects. This is also the main reason why we happily offer the option to create diamond painting custom made just for you. This is a great option for those who are new to diamond painting and want to get their feet wet, or those who already love this hobby and want to branch out to try new things. When you purchase a diamond painting custom rather than pre-designed, you follow a very quick and simple process to place your order before you receive your kit in the mail. First you decide on the image you want to use, then choose a style of canvas to work on. We have a few options for single or multi panel canvases, so you can really get creative and have some fun with the concept you want. After you've picked out those details and submitted them to us, we get to work preparing everything and send it off for you to enjoy. That's all it takes.

Once you know what kind of design you want to create, you just give us those details and we get everything ready on our end, so it is a super simple process for you. We made everything as intuitive as possible so that it feels more approachable to our customers who may be unfamiliar with the experience. We can guarantee you that everything we do at Colorelaxation is with the customer in mind so that everyone can walk away happy with the pieces they received. You should check out our custom diamond painting options and decide if this is something you want to try out for yourself. If you are still unsure of what your next order will be, we have some factors that might help you decide whether or not to include these kits. Here are the biggest benefits of using custom designed diamond paintings with us.

Includes Everything

You might be familiar with our diamond art kits already, but if you are not, you should know that we are thorough when crafting our kits. Each one includes everything you will need to create your project beginning to end. The same applies to any diamond painting custom made by our store. You can easily get all of the materials you need all at once and do not have to worry about shopping around any more.

Nearly Endless Options

This is a point that we take quite a bit of pride in. If you just take a moment to look through our diamond painting categories, you will see that we have a huge selection of options that include anything from dreamy landscape scenes to exciting fantasy designs. We want our customers to have as many options as possible to truly customize their art and make it more personalized to them. Having the option to create a diamond painting custom changes up the experience by giving you even more options than what we already had curated in our store. You can really let your imagination run wild with all of the possibilities. Have some fun with it and get creative.

Adds to the Fun

Before getting your diamond art kit in the mail, you first have to decide what kind of design you want to work on. For many people, this step in the process is a huge part of the fun. You get to look through lots of cool designs and choose between the ones that stand out to you the most. Adding in the option to submit your own designs just adds to the experience and makes things more interesting for you. You have so many designs to choose from, you just need to decide on which one you are doing next. Browse online looking at different works of art, or rummage through your phone’s photo gallery for a nice photograph. Take your time with this step and enjoy yourself the whole way through.

Feels More Personal

Creating anything customized for yourself already makes it feel more personal to you. It feels more like it truly belongs to you because you had so much of a part in its creation. You did not just choose a design that you liked, but you selected an exact design that spoke to you. It just brings everything together better to make you feel more attached to your project and more eager to see the final outcome. It could also feel more personal to you because of the design itself. If you choose an image that sits close to your heart like a photo of your pets or family, you will certainly have stronger feelings towards it. Choosing your own design makes you feel more creative and inspired to work on your art.

We just love seeing how much fun our customers have designing their own custom diamond art kits. It is nice seeing how excited people get about creating the designs and finally seeing them in person after spending so much time narrowing down their options until they settle on the ones they want the most. That is a huge part of why we enjoy what we do here at Colorelaxation. We get to help others express their creativity and come up with ideas they may have never thought of before. Getting a diamond painting custom made for you is a great experience and one that we would recommend you do at least to get a feel for it and see how you enjoy it. After trying it out, you can switch back to choosing amongst prepared designs or continue using customized designs every now and then. It is all about making sure you enjoy this personal hobby as much as possible and we just wish to help with that. You can take a look at our custom kits and start thinking up some fun designs you would like to see on a canvas in your own two hands.

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