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All About DIY Miniature Doll Houses

By Colorelaxation February 18, 2019


How Did The Use Of Doll Houses And DIY Miniatures Come Up?

The doll houses are considered as an enchanting and popular toy which both children and adults love to play with. These miniature houses consist of furniture and tiny human figures which look quite cute and innovative.

The idea of these miniature models has evolved from the five thousand years old Egyptian tombs. Back then, this miniature was made in order to cherish the belongings of the person’s life and keep a replica of his home and residing place in the tomb. These homes were actually meant to serve religious purposes.

History Of These Doll Houses:

After that, around the sixteenth century in Europe, modern versions of these miniature doll houses came existence. These houses are quite similar to the DIY miniature homes which we found today. However, during that time, these replicas and models were built by wealthy people and were cherished in their family homes. In that period, these DIY miniature doll houses were a very popular way of decorating homes and portray their creative bent of mind.

 It was a symbol which was used to showcase the taste of fashion and home décor. The areas of Holland and Germany were the most popular sites where these miniature homes were created by women. It was made to serve the purpose of interior designing. During the late eighteenth century, slowly with rising popularity, these doll houses were created for playing.

The early doll houses were handmade but ever since the Industrial Revolution, these homes were manufactured in masses. The mass production resulted in easy access to these models by commoners as well. The cost of producing these goods came down making these houses standardized and affordable so that children can use them as a toy. It no longer stayed a fancy which was found only at the homes of wealthy and high-class families.

What Makes These Doll Houses So Popular?

These doll houses became a part of every child’s playroom. These houses came along with furniture and miniature human figures and other toys which kind of became a small home for children to get engrossed in. These sets became very popular and widely accepted due to affordable cost and easy availability. Such was the love of the masses for these sweet miniature homes that they are loved even today. These minutely crafted doll houses are opted by collectors those who have a special affinity towards them.

These toy houses are preferred by both boys and girls across the world belonging to all ages. Apart from kids, there are many adults who love keeping these masterpieces in their home as a part of their interior décor. These miniatures are the point of delight and interest for a lot of people. Due to increasing demand for these miniature houses, several manufacturers have come up who provide ready-made, decorated house kits for kids.

What Is The Educational Benefit Of These DIY Miniature Doll Houses?

Theses DIY Miniature doll houses are a great way to keep children engaged in an imaginary play where they feel themselves to be the part of it. It provides several educational benefits because playing these games help in the intellectual and social development of the child. Engrossed in the imaginative play, the children get a few spaces to investigate and learn about the world and its components around them in a better manner.

By being the part of this play, the children actually learn the use of the symbolic representation of the objects and the actions which they are exploring and playing with. The role plays which they do and the dialogue which they use during the game helps in the development of their social, emotional and intellectual skills.

As per the experts and their observation, the role play in which a child takes part while playing these home games helps them to acquire the confidence and a sense of self. Apart from that it also helps them to understand the key component of learning. They also learn the used of the things which they use during the game.

Various Activities Associated With DIY Miniature Doll Houses:

When engaged in the role play with the doll, her house, and other similar toys, you should try to build in the atmosphere so that your child inculcates the values. Here are after suggestions of activities which you can put in the game so that your child can learn new things.

  • You can try asking your children the sequence of events which are undertaken in a day. When they act showing the typical routine form morning till bed time, they actually learn the things they need to do.
  • Try asking the children to reorganize the rooms and the furniture so that they can make accommodation for new dolls and new furniture. This will help them understand the value of the adjustment.
  • Search for old and unwanted items and try making DIY craft items to decorate the home. It will help the kids to do crafts and make useful things by recycling old scrap.
  • Try giving situations to your children in their play and give them the role of an important member of the family. Solving out petty issues and family problems will help them to gain the skill of decision making and value of patience and love for each other.

In short, you can encourage your child to tell stories and provide them with the imaginative bent of mind. It will encourage them to learn new concepts and have enough confidence while speaking or being a part of a live play.

Where Can You Get A Good DIY Miniature Doll House?

Some of the manufacturers even provide the option so that the customers can get the customized design of the houses according to their wish. Apart from daily sellers, in various trade shows, artisans and dealers from different countries all over the world come up to sell these doll houses and DIY miniatures. These small replicas which are used for decoration are artifacts which are made by professional Craftsmen. You can easily get hold of authentic and eye catchy doll houses and DIY miniatures through internet forums, blogs, and other social media platforms.

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