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How to Choose a Perfect Photo For Customized Diamond Painting

By Colorelaxation May 31, 2019

Diamond painting involves building a picture using a fabric template and applying the diamonds using the template and color guide to direct the process. It is considered as mix of cross stitch and guided number painting. Its simplicity is what keeps one occupied and happy. It is a simple process starting work space prep then unboxing the diamond painting kit and finally setting up the gems.
There are a lot of various accessories available in market to ease the craft making process and makes the entire process joyful and relaxing. A soft touch flat board is recommended for better result and precise placements of the beads. Pens can be chosen from the option of picking up 2 to 10 beads at a time, depending on the design of the painting. Canvas is the backbone of this craft that is decisive choice for longevity of the finished painting. A diamond painting is a lasting memory and deserves a good frame. The beads in a diamond painting kit are the heart of the projects and can always be replaced with better quality and shiner ones. There are lightweight material beads available which last longer and shine brighter. Good beads can be brought regardless of design and any surplus or leftovers can be saved for future use.

There are a lot of designs to choose from in a diamond painting with each design symbolizing something or another. The best choice, however, is the personalized photograph of self or loved ones printed on canvas to paint it. This choice is highly individual and size ranges from person to person. There are certain things to be kept in mind while making the choice for the customized Diamond Painting to get the perfect result.

Image quality

A good and high quality photograph is must for any customized Diamond Painting kit. The image should not pixelate when zoomed into. This gives rich color and better differentiating of each section. More pixels in an image results in better details. The average size of a canvas is far bigger than regular image, so when an image is enlarged, it should be able to retain the depth, focus and brightness. A high resolution picture taken in good lighting is always recommended as it is crisp and detailed making it easier to print on canvas and beads can be colored accordingly.

Brightness and color of image

An image selected for customization should be taken in a well lit area that enables color to come out brilliantly. Any blurred section may have multiple colors of same color family making it look odd when made into a diamond painting. There are a lot of shades of every color that are present in the same image giving it a defined texture. These shades might not blend well in a diamond painting as each bead is individually colored and end result looks like an afterthought.
Complexity of the picture- The image of choice should be simple and focused to give a good looking diamond painting. If there are more subjects, shades, people or colors in a picture, the clarity and crispness of the image on diamond painting canvas is compromised. An image should have a uniform background and focused subject. This results in better and brighter colored beads for the painting. Any design with lot of varying aspects adds to the number of different beads which is tedious and less enjoyable. A good picture rich in pixels and bright distinctive colors transforms in an attractive looking Diamond Painting.
Size of Canvas- Various size options are available for the Diamond painting kit. The choice is extremely personal and depends on the end placement of the painting. One can choose a square or landscape shape for the canvas. By principle, bigger size must be chosen for the image containing multiple subjects. More the number of people in the image, more complex the design is, thus requiring more surface area to up the crispness. A landscape image will only fit into a square canvas after cropping. This sometimes results in main background being cut off.

Framing and display

Once completed, a diamond painting is best displayed indoors. While choosing the image, one should consider the placement of finished project. There is no hard and fast rule for choosing frame and display area, but it should look aesthetically pleasing and not an odd placement or afterthought. The completed painting should be framed in matching colored frame with strong and lasting frame material. This enhances the life of the painting and gives a blending effect on the background chosen for display. A bright and pop colored image looks good on textured wall or area while a light colored painting is highlighted in a dark background.

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