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Diamond Painting LED Lamps To Lighten Up Your Home

By Colorelaxation September 23, 2019

A perfect luminary can help light up every room. From wall lamps to ceiling pendants provide the perfect light for your home. Decorative light bulbs help in enhancing your home and adding a perfect light to it. Modern LED side lamps and table lamps add a modern, sleek and contemporary touch to your home décor. These lighting fixtures enhance the look of your home and add unique lighting mood. To add a perfect mood to your specific room, it is very important to opt for perfect light fixtures that can create a warm and cozy ambiance of the house. 

Desk & Table Lighting

When it comes to the desk & table lighting you should consider a mixture of different lighting sources. A ceiling lamp fulfills the need for general lighting in order to bring a basic illumination into the room, which is important to support your eyes and prevent tiredness. Indirect lighting such as a wall or floor lamps creates a cozy atmosphere, which is essential for a nice workspace. Especially essential is above all the lighting of the desk itself. You might want to choose a desk lamp with a flexible arm that can be adjusted. It is important to illuminate all of your working areas without glare. Choose lamps that do not only light your home office up but also decorate it: pick your lights to complement your furniture and underline your individual style.

LED – The Best Lighting Technology!

Designer LED lamps and bulbs are trending in the market of modern home décor! LEDs, the most efficient lights on the market, are starting to appear alongside incandescent and compact fluorescent bulbs in hardware and home-goods stores. LED decorative lights complement the furniture of your home and highlight your style. 

Let us now understand the concept and working of LED and why is LED a better option than CFL lamps.

  • LED lights are up to 80% more efficient than traditional lighting such as fluorescent and incandescent lights. 
  • 95% of the energy in LEDs is converted into light and only 5% is wasted as heat. 
  • LED lower utility bills and lessen the burden on nonrenewable energy sources. They are, however, a mystery to many, as their inner workings are quite a bit different from standard bulbs.
  • LED is the best lighting technology so far and it doesn't emit UV light, neither does it need some warm-up time before it is able to produce its full brightness unlike CFLs. Its beautiful light is also consistent, unlike the light from traditional bulbs that eventually dims.
  • LEDs have a minimum 40,000 hour life span, meaning theoretically it will last over 22 years if used 5 hours a day.
  • LEDs produce much less heat, which can protect your kids from getting burned by traditional lamps. 

Illuminate your Home and Office with Designer LED Lamps

LED bulbs to come in a variety of shape, style, and fitting, you just need to choose a light that perfectly fits with the atmosphere of your living space. You can make your home a perfect place to work with modern LED table lamps. These modern table lamps create a perfect home office lighting atmosphere. You can work at your comfort place and provide productive output. 

Diamond Painting LED Lamps

Diamond Painting on LED lamps adds a dash of sparkle without compromising on the elegance and sleek designs of LED lamps. The DIY Diamond Painting will also help you refurbish your obsolete lamps and make them look like new.

1. Unicorn LED Desk Lamp

Once your kids start bringing home homework you realize it's time to set them up with a desk and a lamp. Kids' desk lamps aren't much different than the desk lamps that adults use. Ideally, a soft white LED light is best for doing homework because it doesn't hurt the eyes. Unicorns are the most loved animals amongst the kids. Why not surprise your kids with Diamond painting unicorn lamp to turn the homework time into fun time?

2. Halloween DIY diamond painting desk lamp

Halloween diamond painting lamp

For students, office workers, and everyone in between, good desk lighting is nearly synonymous with productivity. So it's only right that your workspace be outfitted appropriately. Keeping with the spirit of innovation, these LED desk lamp with Halloween diamond painting designs will surely make your space trendy, smart and stylish.

3. DIY diamond painting LED floor lamps

diamond painting led lamp

The LED floor lamp is one of the newest advancements in home lighting. The Light Emitting Diode (LED) has obvious advantages over older lighting sources. When used in floor lamps, they are very energy efficient and offer big energy savings - up to 50% or more over regular bulbs. They also have a very long life, so you won't be replacing them for years to come. LED floor lamps also come in a variety of different shapes and forms that were not possible before. You can match the lamps designs with the décor of your space. This diamond painted abstract design on a floor lamp gives it a very traditional and ethnic look.

4. Diamond Painting Heart shaped LED Table Lamp

LED lights are becoming the norm in home and office lighting in recent years. And it is for a number of reasons. But when it comes to desk lamps, LED is a better choice compared to other products. They are compact and can also be used as a piece of décor. You can DIY diamond paint on LED lamps to make them a beautiful personalized gift. Cheer your loved ones by diamond painting this beautiful heart shaped desk lamp. Let them remember you whenever they light up their desk.

5. 3D LED Lamp

3d diamond painting lamp        

Mind bending led 3d illusion lamp adds a cool design element to your room: when light from the base hits the diamond painted acrylic surface, it creates an astonishing 3d hologram effect that will impress your guests and provide a gentle night light for kids who are afraid of the dark.

Check out more about what is diamond painting at

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