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Art Therapy: How to Relax Through ART

By Colorelaxation May 31, 2018

Art Therapy: How to Relax Through ART

Stress, tension or anxiety: they all aren’t the best of what a person could wish for, yet they are the same unavoidable aspects of our everyday life. Stress is a lot like one debauched recipe of life that everyone needs as a reminder to keep appreciating good things. But sometimes, this feeling gets too much and threatens to pull one down or even stop them from handling their duties everyday chores with positive energy.

If you currently feel as if you’re trapped in the middle of this tumultuous and unpleasant wave of life and you would prefer to speak to a therapist or psychologist stop there!

Don’t do it!

Instead, seat somewhere cool and serene and try your hand on Diamond Painting. It is the best form of art therapy and rightly the best form of free, super-effective remedy for stress.

Do you know what Diamond Painting is, in the first place?

It is an exciting style of painting whereby you combine mosaic art and paint-by-numbers on a canvas and a small, glossy tile. The beauty of it rests upon the diamond-shaped facets that mostly end up creating beautiful, eye-catching artwork.

However, the therapeutic aspect of it has nothing to do with the diamonds or anything, but rather how the whole activity manages to bring about a healing feeling in the body. It’s pegged on the theoretic belief that artistic expressions have a Midas touch that would initiate healing and inspire self-esteem.

Relax through this art and achieve healing and deep relaxation

On the surface, it is magical because, while the whole activity is art with a seemingly nothing special, deep beneath seating down is a form of ‘meditation.’ However, as experts have argued, the calming effect only arrives because this art would DEMAND your absolute attention.

Without too much ado, let’s see how painting by numbers leads to effectively clinical Art Therapy:

  • Art is relaxing

Though it demands lots of patience and creativity, art is just the right medicine to bring about that relaxing effect you could be missing right now. And it inevitably brings about lots of that calming effect, and rightly so since you will have to remain at peace in order to select the right diamonds to paint on the canvas. 

  • It creates distraction

As you draw using the tiny diamond crystals, the mind automatically drifts from what’s stressing you to the task at hand. You will not have time to keep ruminating on the problem as the brain will focus on creating a fantastic canvas. And soon, you will be engrossed in the sketch with a clearer head. If the task takes a full day, most certainly you will remain relaxed and happy the whole day.

  • It creates a positive flow of thoughts

Every sound-minded person has what experts refer to as “flow” or the state of being engaged entirely to something, pretty much like the feeling when one is meditating. And while this state can’t be forced or faked, it is only art therapy that has the power to initiate it. So, the moment you choose to create a beautiful canvas, positive thoughts start to replace negative ones.

How you can use diamond painting to paint away stresses in your life

  1. Have your diamond painting kit with you

Ideally, you can engage in any form of art to break the boredom and the cycle of anxiety. But as aforementioned, diamond painting would demand that your mind, heart and soul is within the scope of the project. You will need to be calm and tranquil with yourself so that you execute everything on the canvas project.

  1. Draw out those emotions

It has been proven that if one listens to comforting songs or watch heartwarming videos or photos when they are deeply stressed, the brain manages to initiate calmness spontaneously. Similarly, sketch a beautiful picture to help draw away the heavy emotions and sorrows and almost instantly restore calm.

  1. Express yourself – ‘Break Free!’

It is tempting to hide what’s eating you from the inside and dismiss the teary eyes or obnoxious behaviour. But rather than doing that, speak what’s bothering you through artworks. Don’t repress your heavy emotions, especially when they’ve wrecked your entire day.

Sometimes, it is better to express those that can’t be uttered through the use of artwork. And by drawing artworks to signify the bad experience, you will be letting them off your heart while at the same time keeping a memento of that ‘tough times never last.’

Final Thoughts

When all’s said and done, everything here rests with you. Art therapy encourages and inspires creativity and self-expression as its core functions, but it can’t do that without using relaxation. As you paint with numbers (Diamond painting), your heart starts to feel reassured and the body relaxes as the tense feeling is gradually washed away.

So, that’s it – painting using numbers is a lot easier and you may even become so addicted to it. Give it a shot!

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