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What Is Diamond Painting?

By Colorelaxation May 31, 2018

What Is Diamond Painting?

If you already know a thing or two about cross stitching, then you are already halfway into Diamond Painting. However, if your hobbies revolve around combining anything to do with mosaic art and paint-by-numbers, then you certainly are a tad closer to what this art is.

Perhaps you are wondering how hard diamond painting is. Well, as it turns out, this craft is a lot easy to learn. In fact, someone who has been doing it for a while says diamond painting is easy and absolutely enjoyable to learn, which probably explains why all over YouTube are hundreds of tutorials.

But first, let’s debunk what diamond painting ideally is.

It is an exciting style of painting whereby you combine mosaic art and paint-by-numbers on a canvas and a small, glossy tile. The beauty of it rests upon the diamond-shaped facets that mostly end up creating beautiful, eye-catching designs. And that’s the reason why the whole art is called diamond painting.

The small, glossy tiles used, called rhinestones or drills, are color matched to the DMC threads. Consequently, one side of the flat tile then sticks onto the adhesive as the other is created as a 5D to create that elegant, sparkly finish. All these takes no time, and you can create a diamond painting of practically anything – YES, anything!

How long would it take a nerd to morph from a newbie into a Pro status?

Of late, very many people have been trying their hands on diamond painting, perhaps eager to make good use of their leisure times. But although there’s no prize for being the best on your own if you don’t commercialize your skills, the whole experience is satisfying.

The rate at which you learn the ropes determines how soon you become a guru in diamond painting. But even though being ambitious would greatly matter, growth rests upon how skillful, and adventurous one becomes. It is still a new style of decoration, and diamond painting kits vary according to one’s level of expertise.

But much as it is a relatively new form of art, diamond stitching is fast becoming a huge favorite amongst ardent crafters of all ages, teens and adults alike. It is an incredibly absorbing and relaxing activity doing it, almost similar to how one would feel hand-stitching and crocheting projects.

Contents of a Typical Diamond Painting Kit

First, Diamond painting kits come in various sizes and designs – from the simple and straightforward types to more complex and elaborate ones designed to suit more seasoned crafters. This is a crucial point to note even before you get to understand what a kit typically ought to have, though it rests upon the one that you choose to buy.

All kits come with primarily the same equipment, and you might not have to look for extra materials for your artwork. Needless to say, these are what you should expect inside your kit:

Basic diamond painting tips and tricks worth knowing

  • Before you start doing anything, be sure to check your kit carefully. Review the fabric chart to understand the designs, inspect the packed diamonds and label each bag accordingly.
  • When all are set, start working when you are settled, calm and collected. Typically, Pros start working from the bottom, up.
  • As you will notice, the fabric design chart has a thin protective film that is peeled back to reveal the sticky chart area. However, don’t remove the film at once; rather slowly peel it again as you work so that you can cover it back in case you don’t finish work.
  • However, don’t forget to use the small tray to hold the diamonds when you are working using a single color of diamonds at a single moment or when you are working row by row. You can also improvise any small containers to hold other granules.
  • It is recommended that you take time to position the diamonds in a manner that would allow a convenient way of painting the fabric chart. This way, you will encounter little or no hassles using the applicator tool.
  • Also, wrap the applicator tool with plastic when you are not using, same with securely closing your wax bottle. Remember, if the wax dries out or the applicator tool gets lost, your project will have to stall a bit.

An alternative to that applicator is rhinestone applier that typically comes with nail polish or manicure tools. It works just fine!

Finally, Displaying your Finished Crafts

Diamond paintings will only add a touch of glamor to your décor if you perfectly hang them. Therefore, be sure to Frame the artwork and hang it somewhere convenient for you, or plainly hang it after sewing it into something to hold onto. If you don’t need it on the wall, perhaps you should consider using it on that throw pillow of your sofa.

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