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Diamond Painting For Kids– Tips & Ideas

By Colorelaxation July 21, 2019

Diamond Painting Kit is picking up all the heat in the Art World and is loved by most of the people of all age groups. Children too are not lagging behind when it comes to showing their artistic side. Most of the kids would love to go with diamond painting because it requires zero artistic streak and the little ones can create their big masterpieces as beautifully as adults. The final diamond painting can get grown-ups overwhelmed. Just imagine what it can do to kids when they will find out that they can create beautiful paintings at such small age. They are eventually going to be filled with immense joy and pride for themselves for being such a great artists. For all the good reasons, diamond painting for kids is a much desirable activity which shall be mastered. 

Why Should You Choose diamond painting kit for Kids?

Diamond painting is a fun-filled hobby which can bring out anybody’s artistic side. It can boost confidence, improved self-worth, enhance focus, and teach patience and consistency to the kids. If you give your little ones the exposure to this beautiful art, they are going to love playing with the sparky rhinestones and end up creating beautiful paintings to make everyone proud. Furthermore, diamond painting kits for kids is much better than the gadgets and video games because it helps in stimulating their mental growth and gives them an artistic exposure.

Which age group of kids can practice diamond painting?

Everything is quite sensitive when it comes to kids. And so is true for diamond painting kits for kids. There is no point of handing over the rhinestones to the kids below the age of 3 because they can swallow them and do more harm than good. Therefore, a kid should be at least 3 to practice diamond art and that too should be practiced under the parents’ or guardian’s supervision.

What does kid’s diamond painting kits include?

The best diamond painting kits will have everything your little one must require to paint a beautiful work-of-art of their own.

Here are the basic things the diamond painting kits include:

  • 1x Canvas with sticky adhesive surface
  • All the diamonds (square or diamond) needed for the paint
  • 1x Diamond Pen
  • 1x Tweezers
  • 1x Wax for the Diamond Pen
  • 1x Diamond Tray
  • 1x A nice box - for Kits

What type should you choose for kids?

Here is what a typical diamond painting kits should include:  

Round Drill or Square Drill

Round drill diamond painting kits are easier to make than the Square Drill. Therefore, round drills are always recommended for the kids below the age of 10. If your child is 10 years or older, you can choose round or square based on the placement skills and stability of child. If your child can perfectly place diamonds into exact places, they can do well with the square drills as well.

Partial Drill or Full Drill

A partial drill kit has partial area to spare for diamonds, and the rest is painted normally. It is recommended for the amateurs and those who cannot devote much time or get tired easily.

A full-drill diamond painting canvas required sticking diamonds on the entire canvas. It can be tedious for kids. But if you think your kid can pull it off, you can go for full-drill diamond painting kit.

How to choose a diamond painting kits for kids?

There is this thing about the kids that they are very specific with their choices. Some kids like superheroes, cats & dogs, paint dolls & unicorns, and some might want to paint fierce lions and tigers. Since you know your child better than us, you could easily figure out what they wanna draw. It could be a cartoon figure, superhero portrait, a pet portrait or anything.

Instructions To Follow While Getting Your Kid Paint With Diamonds

  1. Mostly buy the partial drill kits for kids. Time-consuming kits could be tiring for kids.
  2. Do not let your child sit for more than an hour for diamond painting. It could cause neck or back pain.
  3. Arrange a table and chair for your kids where they can sit comfortably.
  4. Watch over the little kids so that they don’t swallow the diamonds.
  5. Give them led light pad for a better vision. You don’t want to put extra stress their eyes.

Where can you buy paint with diamond kits for kids?

You can easily go through the variety of diamond painting kits from the online colorelaxation store. We have plenty of exciting designs that your kids would absolutely love. You can visit our online store, shortlist a few painting kits for your little one and choose which one they would like to spend their time and energy on. We bet that your kids will love our diamond painting collection because we have everything a child can fantasize.

Here are few recommendations from our diamond painting store for your kids:

Lovely Unicorn

evil unicorn diamond painting

If your child loves the concept of unicorns and want to believe that they’re true, let them fill their soul with joy by painting this lovely unicorn with diamonds.

Loved it? Buy Here.

Cute Truck

Are your children into bikes, cars, and trucks? Well, this kit for kids will make a great choice of diamond painting for them. It’s easy to make and beautiful to see. 

Loved it? Buy Here.


cactus art

This cute little cactus is just too cute. Even I am drawn to it and I would pick it up for myself. If you think your child will love this, you should definitely go for it. No second thoughts.

Loved it? Buy Here.


Don’t tell me this isn’t the cutest dinosaur you have ever seen. If your little one loved the stories of dinosaurs, watches dinosaur stories, and loves dinosaur toys then they would definitely love this diamond painting kit.

Loved it? Buy Here.

Sweet Pig

This is probably the sweetest pig you have ever seen. So colourful, so bright, and so full of joy. Your little one is definitely going to enjoy painting this cutest pig ever.

Loved it? Buy Here.

These were some of our recommendations for diamond painting kits for your loved ones. You can explore more on our website here at:

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