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Diamond Painting For Little Ones!

By Colorelaxation July 14, 2020

Diamond Painting is a new buzzing word amongst artists. Paint with Diamonds have gained immense popularity as it requires zero artistic streak. Even, a layman can explore his creative inclinations without getting overwhelmed about the final outcome. 5D diamond painting is a fun-filled hobby where one has to play with sparkly rhinestones. People all over the world are gaga about Paint with Diamonds. You can judge that by searching for D.I.Y kits. Diamond Painting is kids friendly too. It is based on the same conceptual knowledge which is used in mosaic painting. It’s time to give little ones that creative exposure to stimulate their mental growth.

There is an abundant collection of varied kits available online! Whether you want to try your hands on a new hobby? Or need a therapeutic session after a long working day? Or want to engage in family time activities? Diamond Painting Embroidery is an answer!

Which age group can explore Diamond Embroidery?

  • A child above 3 years old can be patiently taught diamond painting concepts. Well, patience and consistency is both required from your end in an initial learning stage. Gradually, kids get a knack of this fun, relaxing artwork!

  • A word of caution  Kids will be using tiny sparkly rhinestones for their art project. So, adults have to be careful in introducing Paint with diamonds.

What does Diamond Painting kit consists of?

Best Diamond Paint art & craft kits for kids contains everything an individual needs to create a glorious piece of work!

  • You will receive self-adhesive canvas with pre-printed picture, applicator to place diamonds, rhinestones tray, tweezers, wax which helps to pick tiny resins and acrylic diamonds for your canvas.

Begin with small size canvas or bigger the canvas the better it is?

Big pictures definitely looks more aesthetically pleasing in comparison to small canvases. Still, it’s wise to start slow and steady! Give your kids a creative exposure by investing in a small size kit and later witch to big projects as per their interest.

What Kind of D.I.Y Diamond Painting Art Kits for kids are available in market?

  • A simple research on internet is enough to choose a diamond painting art and craft kit from heaps of easy to do collection. One can easily select depending on the criteria like age, interest, difficulty level and usage.

  • Try to involve your child while going through these kits and enjoy parent-child bonding time. Also, ask little ones what are they going to do with the canvas? Would they like to gift? Or will get it framed and add it to their pride possession? Or create a pillow out of it?

  • Tons of flower, cartoon and animal theme designs like simple cat, unicorn face and dog face painting kits are obtainable, which are suitable for kids.

Which one to choose – Square Drills vs. Round Drills?

There are two types of drills in diamond painting art – Square and round

  • For a beginner word like drills is confusing right? Do not worry with your first diamond painting D.I.Y you will gather basic knowledge soon enough.

  • Drills basically means the space on the canvas, where diamonds are supposed to be placed.

  • While working on round shape drills you will notice spaces between rhinestones/diamonds. Due to this the final product loses its charm.

  • Square shape drills are known to give mosaic effect to your painting. The final product will look like a fine piece of art!

Full drill kit or Partial drill Diamond Painting kit?

  • A partial drill kit doesn’t require crystals on the entire canvas. Well, sad right? Believe us it’s best to invest in as an amateur.

  • The picture in a full drill kit will require diamonds on the entire canvas. Best to invest once you feel you are maturing in this art.

Easy instructions to Begin your child’s Diamond Painting art & craft Adventure

  • Unbox your first Paint with Diamonds kit with your child and explore its tools, instructions and canvas.

  • Place the canvas on a firm surface, convenient for your little one. Remove part of the transparent sheet to start with painting art. Go through the instruction manual and direct your child to follow the symbols provided. It might take a while for children to paint independently depending on their age and cognitive skills. Empty required diamonds in a tray, use applicator tool to pick crystals and place it on your self-adhesive canvas. You will be surprised to see little Picasso at work!

  • Tips and Tricks: 1) protect your canvas adhesive by keeping transparent sheet intact. Cover it back once you complete your art session. 2) Start from the very top corner to make sure you have a neat, undamaged canvas. 3) Try introducing new accessories to make it a fun-filled experience.

We assure you that you won’t be disappointed by this trending new hobby among people. Young minds need a nurturing, conducive and creative environment to grow as a compassionate, refined human being. Gift your children time, collaboratively work on diamond painting artistry. There are dozens of art Kits for girls, boys, teens and adults to choose from. One kit for everyone!

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