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Diamond Painting - How It Works

By Colorelaxation May 31, 2018

Diamond Painting - How It Works

Diamond Painting (or 5D diamond painting) is a craft that is relatively new, but has taken over the massive world of craft adherents by storm. It is nearly similar to the conventional way of painting, with the only difference being what you are using - flat-backed rhinestones, crystals, or diamonds instead of paint.

It is an incredibly simple task to master, although starting out may appear a lot complex and time-consuming, trust me, you will enjoy crafting the unique, beautiful adornments.

How to Diamond Paint – a Newbie’s Simple Guide to Diamond Painting

Are you wondering how it works and maybe how you can start out and learn it as well? Well, if you are new to diamond paintings, then you should brace yourself for a fascinating journey.

1.     Set Up the Canvas

With your diamond painting kit within reach, and you being calm and ready to start painting creative artworks, I understand how excited you could be feeling. Whether you are alone or under the tutelage of someone seasoned in this art, one thing is for sure: you will find the first few steps a bit challenging.

  • First, make sure to buy a Diamond Painting kit; you can conveniently buy one at Each piece is quite distinct, though you should find the following items inside:
  • Pre-printed canvas.
  • Dozens of flat-backed diamonds.
  • A pen-like tool - applicator tool.
  • A tray to hold the diamonds.
  • A packet of wax or gel.
  • Read the tiny colored boxes printed to form designs on the canvas. You will experience little or no difficulty getting through this, whether you have tried a hand on cross-stitch canvas before or not. Every number on the painting corresponds to a particular diamond, but if you find it hard to proceed, don’t hesitate to read the chart.
  • Having figured out a precise formula of the design and identified the first batch of crystal diamonds, don’t waste more time trying to figure out how to start. Instead, pour out the colored crystals of diamond into the tray. Remember, it should be those balls that contain the number indicated on the canvas.
  • Now unroll the canvas and peel back the thin sticky film from the art. It is recommended that you start from the bottom and carefully peel it away, a little portion at a time. If you unfold the whole of it and you somehow couldn’t complete the project, trust me, you may never get to resume again given that the surface will have lost its adhesiveness.

2.     Start Painting: Apply Those Diamonds Carefully

  • Start by cautiously dipping the applicator tool into the wax or gel and then direct it to pick the right crystal before dropping it into its rightful place on the canvas. Use the narrow end of the pen tool and simply choose one diamond at a time, gently pressing the tip against the diamond. The crystal should stick at the box.
  • Keep doing it, one box after the other until a single color is over and you have to start another one. You can’t go wrong if you choose one color first, unlike someone who would perhaps opt to use different crystals on one go.
  • Once again, peel away a little portion of the canvas at a time. Also, avoid resting your hand on the area that you are yet to cover.

3.     Winding Up…

Your diamond painting canvas looks fantastic now, doesn’t it?

  • Well, it certainly should look great, especially once you are done with the more significant chunk of it. And so, as you complete it, don’t dispose away the thin, sticky and transparent film. You will use it to cover the crystals of your diamond painting once everything is done!
  • But don’t cover it first. Before you roll back the sticky film, use your pen or whatever applicator tool you used to press down any loose crystal balls. It is an excellent way of ensuring that the pattern lasts.
  • After covering it with the thin film, stack a sizeable number of books on top of it overnight. Doing this on it won’t damage the whole project. In fact, it is one simple way of ensuring the diamond crystals stick on the canvas and the two bond adequately.
  • The next morning when you’ve lifted the books off the canvas, check to see if everything is perfect. If it is indeed faultless, carefully peel the film off.
  • Finally, frame it by inserting the canvas into the frame. You may not see a reason to cover it with glass unless it is crystal clear.

Simple, right?

Of course, diamond painting is one of the most satisfying hobbies you can ever engage in. Also, there’s if something awesomely therapeutic about diamond paintings, then it has to be the whole procedure.

To pen off, diamond painting is an uncomplicated craft, perfect to fight away the stresses of life and relax alone. I did it; do it too!

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