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5 Best DIY Notebook Ideas to Personalize Your Journal or Stationery

By Colorelaxation September 02, 2019

A personal daily dairy is the best means to record any memory on daily basis that can be relived and rejoiced anytime. Even in today’s digital age, this is still one of the best method of preserving memories and thoughts. A notebook is a very personal thing and can be customized to any extent. Most of the personal diaries are different in design from business diaries as personal diaries do not have sections, indexes, dates etc. They also have different cover designs.

Customizing a journal can be done according to the personal taste and choice. It makes a diary look good and attractive. A customized journal reflects the personal taste and makes the diary stand out amongst other books and journals. There are tons of options to personalize the diary. One can paint, embroider, cover, paste stickers on it etc. All of those choices vary from person to person and makes the diary a perfect thing to pen down all the memories. When combined with right choice of colors and materials, a diary transforms into an excellent piece to be cherished. Listed below are 5 ideas to personalize a diary or journal.

Butterfly DIY Notebook Diamond Painting

butterfly diamond painting notebook

A butterfly is a symbol of life, soul and resurrection. In many traditions, a butterfly means endurance, change and hope. All these beliefs can be represented on a diary by painting butterfly on a diary. This design can be done with diamond painting to make it look more appealing and bright. Butterflies are pretty important for the people who have fought with heartbreaks, substance abuse, mental breakdowns etc. This is a very bright and colorful design choice for diamond painting and makes its mark on anyone who sees it.

Buy this Butterfly Diamond Painting Notebook here.

Mandala Flower DIY Notebook 

Mandala is a representation of universe through the spiritual symbolic drawing. A flower mandala consists of flowers as central design in making the mandala and then making the mandala considering various aspects such as keeping a main design with one flower and petals radiate outwards or using wide verity of flowers of different colors, shape and sizes to form a design. Its aesthetic makes it a perfect choice for diamond painting as it gives a lot of choice for color and tone.

Buy this Mandala Flower DIY Notebook here.

Peacock flower DIY Notebook 

A peacock is widely related to royalty, vision, spirituality, protection, rains, awakening etc. A peacock tail is believed to have divine blessings in some traditions and is believed to bring good luck and success. It is seen as earthly manifestation of phoenix and thus is also symbolic for resurrection. A peacock as a diamond painting design is very attractive and peacock tail looks eye appealing. This design kit is easily available online and is very easy to assemble.

Buy this Peacock Diamond Painting Notebook Here.

Baby Owl DIY Notebook

Owls are associated with wisdom, mystery, ancient knowledge, fertility, renewal etc. It personifies one’s successful struggle with difficult times and triumph of human will over tragedies and difficult time. Choosing a baby owl as a design on a diary represents one’s strong will power and never-say-die spirit. An owl design is one of the few design choice that uses minimum amount of colors and still manages to stand out.

Buy this Baby Own Diamond Painting Notebook Here.

Simple Mandala Notebook Diamond Painting

Mandala is a beautiful representation of art and helps up explore the meaning of life. A mandala represents your deep understanding towards the universe. It is a beautiful idea for a cover of notebook. How about drawing DIY mandala yourself to create a personalized notebook for you or your friend? Sounds awesome, doesn’t it? This beautiful DIY notebook is also an awesome gift idea for a spiritual soul.

Buy this Simple Mandala Diamond Painting Notebook Here.

These were some of the best DIY notebook designs for a personalized notebook or a journal. Explore more designs at

 Checkout more about 5d diamond painting kits at


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