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10 Best DIY Keychains That Make a Perfect Gift for Your Loved Ones

By Colorelaxation September 02, 2019

Gifting is a way of expressing love and affection towards friends and family. It is a perfect way of celebration an occasion or a festival and thanking close ones. There are numerous gifting ideas one can choose from. The best types of gifts are the ones which are personalized and match the occasion. Tens of thousands of items can be gifted to anyone, none of them will hold any value if they are not well suited for the person to whom they are given. It is always advised to add a personal touch to the gift to make it more expressive.

A personalized gift can be very sentimental and is a great way to show affection. A keychain as a gift generates tremendous nostalgic value over time. It is a thing that stays with the person most of the time and if not with the person, it stays in visible part of the room. It also has a great practical value as it is an item of daily use and can easily be personalized. There are numerous styles, colors, themes etc in keychain to choose from. Listed below are 10 such examples of keychains that make up for a great gift.

Butterfly DIY Diamond Painting Keychain

butterfly diamond painting keychain

Butterflies are deep and powerful representation of life. Gifting a butterfly design means appreciating a person transformation from old to new, from state of ignorance to the state of awareness. From hard life to a better life, butterfly carries a great meaning of hope success and satisfaction. This symbolism combined with a good looking diamond painted keychain results in a subtle but meaningful gift. Buy it here.

Heart DIY Diamond Painting Keychain

heart diamond painting keychain

We all have seen and used heart symbol multiple times. It is a universal symbol for love and affection. Apart from that, it also represents unity, cohesion, and strength. As families grow, heart symbols represent more than love, it represents unity and strength. This is widely used in red color and a diamond painted heart keychain looks unique and affectionate. This is one o the most common gifted item, so gifting a diamond painted heart keychain distinguishes the gift from others.

Cars DIY Diamond Painting Keychain

cars keychain

Car as a keychain has remained a popular choice since the inception of automobile industry. There is a strong reason for that. It represents one’s love for the motor vehicle and how much one cares for it. A car is considered as second major asset in a common person’s life, next to a house. Gifting a diamond painted car keychain shows appreciation of the person gifting it towards to person receiving the gift.

Animal DIY Diamond Painting Keychain

Animal diamond painting keychain

Animals have a huge impact on human life. Be it a pet, domesticated, or a wild animal, everyone associates himself/herself with one animal or another. An animal keychain is a silent way of honoring a person’s personality by matching it with an animal. The most common animal design of choice is dogs / tigers for men and cat/cheetah for women. A diamond painted animal keychain flushes out the color and attractiveness of any animal which has an outstanding look.

Ice cream DIY diamond painting keychain

ice cream keychain

An ice cream is one of the most popular desserts not only among children but with adults too. It comes in verity of shapes, colors and sizes, but the most chosen one remains the one with the cone. It largely represents happiness, joy and cheerfulness of a person. It is a perfect gifting item as a keychain as it is good looking and often acts as conversation starter. A diamond painted ice-cream keychain is very eye pleasing.

Crowns DIY Diamond Painting Keychain

A crown is a clear representation of royalty and high place. A crown as a gift is best suited for partner and children. A parent gifting a crown to their children shows the importance a child holds in their world, same goes for one gifting a crown themed gift to partner. A diamond painted crown keychain is ideal gift as it has a small size and is as shiny as a real one. That can be attached to a school bag, handbag etc ad it adds grace.

Astronaut DIY Diamond Painting Keychain

An astronaut is the career of choice amongst all the children and this develops a sense of ambition, hard work and dedication for a cause in them from an early age. A dream of being an astronaut opens up gates of imagination and creative ideas. So keeping a symbol of an astronaut in form of an astronaut keychain makes sense, even if used for their toy room key.

Peacock feather DIY Diamond Painting Keychain

A peacock is widely related to royalty, vision, spirituality, protection, rains, awakening etc. A peacock tail is believed to have divine blessings in some traditions and is believed to bring good luck and success. It is seen as earthly manifestation of phoenix and thus is also symbolic for resurrection. A peacock as a diamond painting design on a keychain is a perfect gifting idea for colleagues and acquaintances. Buy it here.

Birds DIY Diamond Painting Keychain

Variety of birds symbolizes tons of things. Some represent freedom, some forecast an event, some symbolize happiness, and some represent strong will. Like animals, everyone associates himself / herself with one bird or another. A bird keychain as a gift can be given to individual of any age, gender or race. This is universally accepted and appreciated gift. A diamond painted bird gift is bright, colorful and cheerful gift choice.

Mandala DIY Diamond Painting Keychain

Mandala is a representation of universe through the spiritual symbolic drawing. Mandala is employed to focus attention, a spiritual guidance tool, or for segregating a sacred space. It aids to meditation and trance induction as it symbolizes an imaginary place that is contemplated during meditation. Gifting a diamond painted mandala keychain reflects spirituality, sensuality and peace. Buy it here.

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