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10 Best DIY LED Lamp Ideas to Lighten Up Your Home Décor

By Colorelaxation September 02, 2019

Home décor is a matter of personal choice. There are hundreds of elements in interior décor that play a vital role in transforming a dull looking room into a lively one. They vary from colors to furniture, from wall hangings to planters, from sitting arrangement to flooring material used. Lightening is also an important factor in home décor that can make or break all the efforts put in interior design. It sets the mood for the room and gives vibes to it. It can be ceiling lights, ambient lights, floor lights or lamps placed in the room.

There are many options available in the market for artificial lights that can be readily installed in home interior. These options, however, can be found installed in multiple homes, taking away the personalized effect it is intended to create. The best way to highlight the personality of any interior is to customize the lightening in accordance with one’s taste and choice. The easiest and most cost effective way to do it is DIY LED lamp projects which are fairly easy to assemble and install. Listed below are 10 of these LED lamp options that can be easily brought online.

Mandala Tree DIY Diamond Painting LED Lamp

This lamp is a perfect combination of diamond painting and DIY LED lamp home décor. The kit comes with canvas, diamonds, tweezers, wax, tray and lamp. One can paint the canvas following the instructions mentioned in the manual that is included in the package and then fit the canvas on the circular lamp for highlighting the painting. This is a perfect bedside lamp as it is bright enough to act like a night lamp and dark enough to not break sleep.

Buy this Mandala Tree LED Lamp here.

Peacock DIY Diamond Painting LED Lamp

This DIY LED lamp combines diamond painting and DIY lamp in a perfect way. It includes diamonds, adhesive material, lamp etc. The peacock design is absolutely beautiful and serves as an excellent contrast to plain or light colored walls. Backlit green and blue color goes well along with indoor plants or wall paintings. The package for this lamp comes with all the necessary things required to complete the project without any external material required.

Buy this Peacock LED Lamp here.

Wolf DIY Diamond Painting LED Lamp

This is a very prominent design that is very well made using black, red and yellow colors. It is aesthetic looking and can be placed anywhere in home interior. This design focuses on the inner strength, strong will and self-confidence. All these qualities of wolf are represented in a single diamond painted lamp. This is very subtle design and is appealing. It can be used as a night lamp too. This, indeed, is a very good design choice for minimalist interior décor.

Buy this Wolf LED Lamp here.

Cute DIY Diamond Painting LED Lamp

A puppy is amongst the cutest and most loved animals to people. Any design that includes a puppy in it represents one’s love and care towards animals. This DIY lamp has a cute puppy with red back ground that gives it a perfect design esthetic. It is especially good in kid’s room, since it has a love and happy vibes. It also has a calming and relaxing effect on the room where it is placed.

Buy this Cute LED Lamp here.

Mandala Lotus DIY Diamond Painting LED Lamp

A Mandala is a representation of universe through the spiritual symbolic drawing. Flowers are used to replace the color powder with petals in traditional designs. Designs like Lotus Mandala have a core focus on a spiritual principal and then designs flowing outwards. Using a Lotus Mandala exhumes enlightenment, growth and success through struggle. This, when combined with backlit diamond painting lamp, makes for a perfect indoor décor element.

Buy this Mandala Lotus LED Lamp here.

Snowman DIY Diamond Painting LED Lamp

This DIY LED diamond painting lamp has a unique design. It is shaped like a snowman, unlike traditional round lamps. This makes it a very good option for outdoor use. For interior décor, it can be used in kid’s room, kitchen or even in living room during festive season. A snowman represents joy and festive cheerfulness that makes positivity channel through entirety of the home. This lamp is neither too bright to outshine any surrounding décor, not too dull to go unnoticed.

Buy this Sowman LED Lamp here.

Christmas Tree DIY Diamond Painting LED Lamp

This DIY LED diamond painting lamp is shaped like a Christmas tree, unlike traditional round lamps. This is especially used in Christmas season as it is attractive looking and has bright LEDs. It is an excellent choice for interior décor as it highlights the plants and flowers in indoors of any home. This lamp is a very good choice even for outdoor placements.

Buy this Christmas Tree LED Lamp here.

Elephant DIY Diamond Painting LED Lamp

An elephant symbolizes both mental and physical strength. It also represents steadfastness, earthiness and responsibility. In Buddhism, elephant is considered a mesmerizing beast and is treated with love and respect. It is believed that the presence of elephant design while meditating helps one to control the thoughts and focus on achieving enlightenment. This LED lamp is perfect for placing on dining table, balconies and meditating areas of home.

Buy this Elephant LED Lamp here.

Mandala Flower DIY Diamond Painting LED Lamp

A Mandala is a form of art that represents the entire cosmos or a part of it symbolically or metaphysically. A flower mandala consists of flowers as central design in the mandala and then creating the mandala considering various aspects such as keeping a main design with one flower and petals radiate outwards or using wide verity of flowers of different colors, shape and sizes to form a design. This LED lamp represents calmness, spirituality and focus on positivity.

Buy this Mandala Flower LED Lamp here.

Sun & Moon DIY Diamond Painting LED Lamp

This design is an excellent representation of eternity and universal peace. Putting together two major celestial bodies together shows harmony and peace that channel through entire home. This also shows love and co-existence of opposite natured individuals. This lamp is multicolored and goes well with any plain background.

Buy this Sun & Moon LED Lamp here.

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