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5 Awesome Storage Ideas For Diamond Painting

By Colorelaxation May 31, 2019

Diamond painting kit is a DIY craft that consists of a canvas with sections divided and numbered for sticking the beads on it. It is a very engaging and fun hobby that encourages getting into painting, music and other complex hobbies. It is not only a hobby, but is treated as a therapeutic tool for stress and anxiety relief. It increases self confidence as well as improving motor skills, ability to control hand and arm movement which help people fight with conditions like tremors. It improves concentration and practicing it resembles meditating.

Diamond painting is the latest trend in art & craft enthusiasts. Diamond painting refers to craft of using small diamond like facets to combine in different colors and pattern to create a dazzling and pixel like art pieces. Diamond painting is also referred as 5D diamond painting, a name that one gets very accustomed to as he/she gets into the craft. It has nothing to do with real diamonds as beginners might think. Practicing this art is simple and fun. It has a tendency of giving excitement while making a project. So it is addictive in a good way. Though this is best enjoyed by looking in all the details, but there are tips and tricks that help in creating better pieces and faster & precise completion of the project.

A diamond painting setup can become messy and unorganized and mixing the color beads ends up as a nightmare. Listed below are 5 ideas for the storage of Diamond painting that is effective and more organized.

Storing beads in a pill box

Pill box

A medical pill box is ideal for the storage of the beads as it keeps all different colored beads apart and if the box is shut, it does not mix the contents even if tilted or if it falls. It is handy, sturdy and mobile. It fits nicely into any storage area or bag. Colors or numbers can be marked on the box itself for ease of use and accessibility. This idea is far better than mixing and dumping the beads on the tray or work area as a box is more organized and handy.

A spice cup

Like a medical pill box, a spice cup holder is also a good option for storing the diamond painting kit. It keeps all the beads separated and available in one place. The cup holder can also be used to store diamond painting tools and hold a rolled canvas, making it a perfect place for all the items required for the craft. A spice cup holder is easily available in the general stores and there are a lot of options to choose from based on cup size and number of cups.

Egg tray

The tray used for storing the eggs has a individual cup for upto 2 dozen eggs. This design makes it perfect for use during making a Diamond Painting. This tray is lightweight, easily available and does not require any monetary investment. Each section holds good amount of beads that can last for entirety of the project. The tray can be slightly modified with a cover or color code making it easier to recognize the placement of each bead. A section can be made in the tray to hold the tools too.

Zip lock bags

A ziplock bag is idle for long term storage of the kit and similar colored beads as it is weatherproof, transparent, lasting and flexible. It can be put into a box or pouch for future use. These bags are easily available in the market or online. There are a lot of options to choose from in terms of size, material and color. They can be hung into closet by attaching them on a hanger or thread. It is easier to distinguish the type of bead stored in each bag and organizes the work area nicely.

Customized boxes

Sometimes it is more convenient to select from the options available online for a perfect box to choose to suit the need of the craft. A variety of boxes, in an array of shapes and sizes, are available online or even a local hobby store. They are well made with sole purpose of storing the diamond painting kit. It makes the craft more enjoyable as it reliefs one from worrying the beads spilling or missing part. This is an excellent idea for long term and multiple project use.

On completion of a Diamond Painting, one should frame it without any glass over it as glass tends to dull the shine and grace of the painting. It must be displayed that serves as a cherished memory. A diamond painting can be stored too. It is a perfect gift for loved ones.

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