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Things to Consider Before Buying Diamond Painting Kits

By Colorelaxation September 21, 2018

Are you looking forward to buy a diamond painting kit to fill your artistic soul with bliss? Well, you might be unsure about which one to buy and what factors to consider before buying diamond painting kits? Don’t worry we are here to help you out with this.

First of all you need to know what diamond painting is. Let’s find out!

What is a diamond painting?

A diamond painting is a new painting art in which an image in broken down into patterns. It is much similar to cross stitching. In diamond painting, small sparkling diamond tiles are applied to the canvas to form a design. Diamond painting is an easy and addictive type of painting that has become the trending crafting project for crafters. Crafters add shiny diamond on the canvas to create a unique design. It is done with the help of different diamond painting kits. These kits come in two shapes - circular and square.

What is a Diamond painting kit?

A painting kit includes an adhesive canvas, different patterns, drills and all important tools to complete a diamond painting. Diamond kits come in 3 major types: Partial Drill, Full Drill and Multi Panel kits. Painting with diamond kits doesn’t require any experience; even if you have never worked with painting before, you will be able to draw a nice and awesome diamond painting.

Factors To Consider Before Buying A Diamond Painting Kits

Before you buy a diamond kit, there are some factors that you need to consider. Let’s have a look:

  • There are two types of drills - round and square drill painting kits. First, you have to decide that which one you want. In round diamond kit, there are round shaped diamonds used for the painting just like a cross stitch. In this kind of stitching, there is free space around the rounded diamonds. This type is meant for small size paintings. It is also known as Diamond Cross Stitch Paintings.
    In square drill, there is no free space after fixing diamond on canvas because corners are attached to corners and sides to the sides. This type best when you are going to create a bigger size diamond art. It is also known as diamond mosaic.
    Both techniques are extremely good for stress relief and deep relaxation. It is quite calm and enjoyable activity to do at home or you can also choose it as a profession.
    When round and square type is compared, square drills are found to be clearer and convenient along with sharp and clear lines.
  • 40% of all users prefer choosing square drill paint kits, 30% go  with round and remaining do not care about shapes - they just enjoy whatever they get.
  • Another fact that has to be considered is picture and canvas. The bigger size is beneficial to present a clear view and better resolution of the picture and it shines brighter. For beginners, small size is best because they are new to this art. So, just start with smaller one and then go for your choice further with experience. Before choosing the size you must check that do you have the enough free space to put that painting on wall.
    The diamond painting kits come in various sizes varies from 20 x 15 cm (small) to 120 X 40 (X Large).
  • The sizes are as follows:
    • Small Size Painting (20 X 15cm): Good when your picture doesn’t have more details to show. For example a rose flower, small butterfly etc.
    • Semi small (30 X 20cm): It can work with the small sized pictures like a fish, a boat or sea side.
    • Medium (40 X 30cm): It will work with all sizes because it is enough to showcase the every detail in the picture. For example you can draw a road painting with cars, a group of zebras in a grass field.
    • Large (60 X 45cm): It is best to give the detailed summary of an image. You can also choose a close up of people’s face or sceneries. This size can works really better for these detailed pictures. For example, a wedding picture of a wedded couple, a view of boats in a sea are perfect paintings to paint on this size
    • X Large (120 X 40cm): Have you heard the saying - Bigger is Better? It is definitely true. It is best for some experienced ones. Bigger sized painting kits are costly but when you’ll have a look at the finished painting, you will forget the amount you spent on it.
  • You must check the coded canvas that comes with the painting kit. Some kits do not have the final image. So, you won’t be able to see how the painting will look after finishing. So find the seller who includes the finished painting picture along with kit. Don’t go for the one if you have doubts in your heart.
  • When you are looking for a relevant theme design painting kit for your home then choose very carefully and make sure the coloring is okay with your home color.

So these are some tips regarding the things to consider when you want to buy a diamond painting kit. Follow these tips carefully and go for this great hobby as it can put your mind and peace and soul under bliss.

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