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What is 5D Diamond Kit? - A Comprehensive Guide To All Things 5D

By Colorelaxation September 21, 2018

Stop for a moment, stay back, and find a time to relax. C’ hard it could be? Just pick a canvas, paint your feelings, and see the magic that occurs. Speaking of painting, there is a spectacular form of this wondrous art called 5D painting. If you don’t know what it is, read further.

What is a diamond painting?

A diamond painting is modern style of painting in which an image is broken down to certain patterns to lead it to completion. It is done in the same way as you do cross-stitching. This art has been derived from the centuries old rhinestone or beaded painting art. In diamond painting, a design is painted on a canvas with the help of small sparkling diamond tiles. To craft a 5D diamond art, you require a special kind of kit called 5D diamond painting kit.

What is a 5D diamond painting kit?

5D diamond painting kits includes an adhesive canvas, drills, different sets of colored diamonds and all other important tools need a create a diamond painting. Diamond kits come in 3 major types: Partial Drill, Full Drill and Multi Panel kits. One doesn’t need to be experienced in diamond painting to practice this kind of art. Even a beginner can pull it off quite easily. But to get started, you must be very well aware of the types of 5D painting kits.

Types Of 5D Painting Kits

There are four types of 5D Painting Kits. Every types comes with unique characteristics and techniques. Let’s have a read to understand these types better:

  1.       Pre Printed with Partial Coverage: The meaning of this type is that the canvas is already printed as an image you have to just fix the diamond on the recommended portion to finish the art. The canvas is printed through high definition printing techniques. But diamonds cover only a few portions on the canvas rather than covering all of the painting. This is why it is called as “Partial Coverage 5D Diamond Kit”. It is best suited for the beginners.
  2.       Pre Printed with Full Coverage: These Kits are also already pre-printed with an image same as we discussed above. You only need to stick diamonds on the canvas. But the difference is, the entire image need to be covered by diamond beads to finish. That is why it is called as Full Coverage Diamond Painting. But both full and partial coverage kits have their own importance. If you have less patience, you must prefer partial coverage instead of full coverage.
  3.       Multi Panel Diamond kit: It can be come in both full drill and partial drill. You need to complete  more than one panel to finish the final painting. In other words, a painting with more than one single piece. It is beneficial when you want to work on some bigger size sceneries. Whereas small sizes are cost-friendly as well as good for beginners, bigger ones are good to showcase proper detailed picture.
  4.       Full Coverage with Blank Gridded Canvas: It is very similar to cross stitch pattern with blank gridded canvas which acts as an adhesive to stick diamonds. In this type, you have to use the pattern to draw an image from scratch. When you buy this kit online, the pattern is e-mailed to you by mail and the instruments shipped to your place. After producing an image you can fix diamonds on the canvas. It is not just an art, but it is also good for your mind and also helps is calming you down and relaxing your stress.

Why you need a Diamond in a normal color painting?

A normal color painting also looks good so why do you think there is the need of 3D or 5D diamonds? Nowadays it becomes a new trend of painting that to fix it with the diamonds. The reason behind this, a diamond painting shines with light whereas a color painting is a normal painting in or out light. A good light can make the big difference between a color painting and a diamond painting. The shine makes diamond painting whole lot more interesting.

Some Tips For Creating Perfect 5D Diamond Art

  • Get some double sided tape to place the key of the project. Then fix all of the tools on the double sided tape to help you to remember colors and diamond beads.
  • While working on the bigger painting, try to divide the painting in different sections. It will make the painting easier to hold and apply the diamonds on the painting quite conveniently.
  • The adhesive can also expand itself out of the image. It can be because of high temperatures or  low quality adhesive used in the painting. To prevent this, use high quality adhesive to fix it into a frame or you can also apply a border by the adhesive tape.
  • If the fabric becomes dirty during the craft, buy a baby wipe and carefully wash the stains with that. Be attentive while wiping the painting because the beads can come out of the painting with pressure or can be move to the neighbor portions.

So, remember these tips when you are going to start with creating your own 5D diamond art masterpiece.

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