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Round Or Square Diamonds - Which Diamond Painting Shape is Better

By Colorelaxation April 25, 2019

Are you new to diamond painting? Trust me, you are going to start one of the most amazing journeys of your life. This journey will be full of fun and excitement that is sure to provide you the unforgettable hours of adrenaline rush and relaxation. It is the journey that will unleash your true potential and wake the inner artist hidden within you. Best of all, you’re be amazed at the end result and you wouldn’t believe it for a second that there was always a picasso hiding under your skin. The satisfaction that follows is extraordinary. Did I forgot to mention that everyone can do it. Well, yes that too.

Getting Started: What You Need To Know?

Diamond painting is activity in which you have a labeled canvas and little diamonds which you are supposed to stick on the canvas according to the labelling making sure right diamond goes into the right place. The topic we are going to discuss here is the type of diamonds which may lead to your first confusion before starting the art: Which one is better?

There are two types of diamonds that can be used for diamond painting:

  1. Square Diamonds
  2. Round Diamonds

Both types have different angled planes that reflect the light in different ways to create a unique sparkling effect in the final painting.

But What’s The Big Deal?

The shape of the diamond isn’t just about the finish but it also alters the entire painting process and complexity along with the end result. This means that the end visual result of your painting and how much efforts will it take totally depends on the choice of the diamonds. Grid patterns of the canvas are also going to be different to match the shape of the diamonds you choose. This simply means that you just cannot work with the round diamonds on the canvas printed for square ones and vice versa!

Which One Should You Choose?

Well, we are definitely not going to make the choice for you because the ideal choice may vary from person to person. Instead, we are going to explain the physics of this diamonds so that you can make an ideal choice for yourself. Whatever suits you best is the best choice for you.

Round Shaped Diamonds

round diamonds

Many people prefer using round diamond because of the reason that they do not require much precision. There will be naturally a small empty space in between the diamonds eliminating the need for sticking the diamond in s straight row just the way they are meant to be. It means your small mistakes can be forgiven easily and it will take you less time to finish the painting with the round diamonds.

At the same time, your painting may not look as stunning as it does with square because of the empty spaces. But round shaped diamonds are surely the best for the beginners.

Plus sides

  1. Easy is fun
  2. Takes less time to complete
  3. Minimized stress on eyes
  4. Round diamonds are more sparkly

Square Shaped Diamonds

square diamonds

Square shaped diamonds are chosen by more of technical persons who would like perfection in their art. Working with square diamonds is actually a technical challenge because you will need to place the square beads perfectly in straight lines without leaving any room for mistakes. Their grooves must be perfectly alight and this will lead your painting to much cleaner and brilliant look.

But there is a flip side to this perfection as well. In case you made a mistake, it will lead you to dull painting with messed up details. However, you can use a ruler to make sure you put each stone perfectly in the line.

Plus sides

  1. More defined picture
  2. Perfect finish with no empty space
  3. More professional and attractive

So, before you make any choice, we would recommend you weight all the pros and cons of each type according to your comfort level and skill. Diamond painting is going to take a lot of patience and time. You don’t wanna waste it on something you can’t pull off. Take your time before you come up with a decision. However, for beginners, round diamonds are better.

Good Luck!

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