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Ultra thin A4 LED Light Tablet Pad - Diamond Painting Just Got Easier & More Fun

By Colorelaxation April 25, 2019

Hello artists! Hope you’re doing great!

How is it going on with your hobby? We bet you might have discovered a lot of fun things about diamond painting and learned about many diamond painting tactics to make it easier. If not, you really need to spice it up a little so that you don’t get bored of your favorite hobby.

That’s why we are going to feature a beautiful and creative diamond painting tool here: A4 LED Light Tablet Pad.

It’s one of the most creative, useful, and fun diamond painting accessories that makes the diamond painting more enjoyable and refreshing.

Here’s a little secret we feel like sharing

LED Tablet Pad

Wondering what’s the key to creating a stunning diamond art? Well, it’s the great lighting. And that’s what our Ultra Thin A4 LED Light Tablet Pad is meant for. It is a supremely thing LED light pad that will magically illuminate your diamond painting canvas from the back and provide amazing visibility so that you can stick every diamond perfectly.

Just one tap and you will have this beautifully lighted canvas whose brightness can be adjusted according to your preference creating and ultimate visibility and perfect lighting anywhere you go.

It is super-fun and it can motivate you to clock more diamond painting hours with maximum comfort. Let’s find out how this innovative led tablet pad makes the whole diamond painting experience worthy of the efforts:

No More Strain On Eyes

How many times you have to cut your diamond painting session due to excess strain on eyes? While there is nothing wrong with it since caring for your eyes is paramount, but you can definitely prevent the tired and sore eyes. The natural light from the lamp or window is quite directional and tend to diffuse. It may produce shadows of your hand on the canvas and may even cause glare.

Colorelaxation’s ultra thin LED light pad gets you rid of glares, shadows, and makes colors POP off the canvas. Your eyes also stay comfortable and you won’t have to put extra stress on eyes to stick the diamonds perfectly.

Perfect Light Even At Night

You may feel like painting with diamonds at any time of the day or any place. It’s a good thing that you won’t have to worry about the lighting anymore. Whether you’re travelling, staying at friend’s home, or hanging around, you will no more face all he squinting, frustration, and hassle arising because of the light. You can make any time your social craft time when you have this Ultra-Thin A4 LED Tablet Light Pad by your side. It guarantees you great lighting anywhere and its slim & light-weight design will enable you to carry it anywhere with ease.

Keep Your Posture Comfortable Throughout The Activity

It’s not only your eyes that can be affected by diamond painting. It’s you neck, back, and shoulders too. Wondering how? Well, what would you do when you’re not able to see things clearly on your canvas. You will lean in closer or try to see it from different angles to avoid the shadows right? This can take a serious toll on your neck and back muscles. Light Pad can eliminate the need of straining your neck and shoulder too much and keep you as comfortable as possible. It can help you maintain a better posture and keep you comfortable throughout the session.

About Our Ultra Thin Tablet Light Pad

This Light Pad For Diamond Painting is invented to solve the problem of lighting for you and make diamond painting even more comfortable and fun. With the help of this amazing LED light pad, you can now enjoy your relaxing diamond painting sessions in any condition and finish them perfectly by placing each and every diamond perfectly on the canvas.

Key Product Features:

  • Ideal for stenciling, 2D animation, calligraphy, embossing, scrapbooking, tattoo rendering, sketching, drawing, diamond painting etc.
  • Vision technology, flicker-free super-bright, environmentally friendly LED with reference grid.
  • With a compact and elegant design, LED light pad is thin and energy efficient.
  • We use special acrylic surface, it feels like a glass pane but much stronger than glass.
  • Convenient for use on a desk or in lap, easily assembled, carried, and stowed away

It’s time to re-innovate the diamond painting craft with helpful technology to make it hassle-free and more fun. If you think the same, order our LED Light Tablet Pad for Diamond Painting now.

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