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Top 5 Reasons to Paint with Diamonds

By Colorelaxation December 16, 2018

The diamond painting has become a craze for the innumerable merits associated with this form of art. As a result, more and more individuals have begun to paint with diamonds. From appeasing anxiety, improving concentration to boosting creativity; this new art has a lot to offer. It helps to relax the amygdale of a person’s brain and calm the mind. So are you interested to jump onto the bandwagon? Check out all the pros associated with diamond painting here.

What is Diamond Painting?

A new form of art that makes use of images to break them down into various patterns is diamond painting. It is the innovative painting style that combines ‘paint-by-numbers’ and mosaic art on glossy small tile and canvas. The diamond-shaped facets in this art create the attention-arresting designs. This is the reason the art is known as ‘diamond painting’.

This art uses ‘rhinestones’ or glossy small tiles that are colour-coordinated with the ‘DMC threads’. The size of the drills or rhinestones is 2.5 mm. With these sparkling tiles, a mesmerizing piece of art is created, which is a visual treat for the eyes.

Why Must You Paint with Diamonds?

Now that you have a fair idea of what diamond painting is, let us look at the various reasons why this new form of art is gaining so much popularity. Apart from being an entertaining activity, there are a plethora of health benefits associated with diamond painting. From allaying anxiety and stress to improving concentration, fine motor skills to honing creativity, there is a whole lot of merits associated with this new age art.

Allay Anxiety and Stress by Painting with Diamonds

In a hectic time-bound world where people are rushing to meet deadlines, the diamond painting comes as a huge stress buster. This new form of art can be compared to meditation as it helps in relaxing the mind and de-stressing an individual. It helps to calm the mind, soothe nerves and enables the mind to keep anxiety at bay. People who have practiced this form of art have derived a lot of solace and joy from it. Thus it certainly proves to be a great boon for anxious people.

This art is not only for the pros but even the newbies and amateurs who are less creative and enjoy. All it does is to mitigate the stress encountered in the hectic daily life and helps an individual to unwind and feel energized again.

Diamond Painting Conditions Your Brain to Concentrate Better

Diamond painting helps your brain to comprehend as well as follow various patterns. As a result, the brain is trained to think more logically. This likewise improves the reasoning power and the decision making the ability of an individual. This form of art involves both creativity and logic. Those engaged in this ‘new age’ art use logic for deciphering the pattern with the help of symbols and then finding a related colour to it from a chart.

This type of painting stimulates analytical reasoning power of a person’s brain. Laying the small glossy tiles on the canvas for making a visually appealing pattern boosts the creativity of the painter. Thus diamond painting involves both the regions of the ‘cerebral cortex’ of the brain that controls vision and helps in the coordination of the ‘fine motor’ skills.

Develop the ‘Fine Motor’ Skills With This New Art

Painting with diamonds help in improving the level of concentration appreciably. Apart from increasing the concentration level, it helps to improve the eye-to-hand coordination. The small size of the rhinestones or tiles helps in improving eye-hand coordination. The rhinestones are hardly 2.5 mm in size and it requires a lot of concentration on the part of the painter to pick up the tiny tiles with the available diamond painting tool to put it on the painting canvas for creating the art.

With practice, the painter masters the art of diamond painting and this appreciably makes his ‘hand-eye’ coordination better.

Diamond Painting Plays An Integral Part in Socializing

With technological advancement, it is now easy to connect with people all over the globe. The various social media sites such as Facebook, Flickr, Twitter etc. offer a good platform for those engaged in the diamond painting art to connect with one another. These social networking sites are especially useful for those who are not that social but yet wish to connect with like-minded people. They can become members of different forums related to their type of art.

There are various forums where people who enjoy diamond painting share their views and opinions. This is good for the introverts who can connect with like-minded people right from the comfort of their home.

Diamond Painting Can Give Wings to Your Imagination

Diamond painting helps in stimulating the right hemisphere of the brain that is related to creativity. The best part of this form of art is anyone can try it. There is no need to have an artistic flair to create a marvellous piece of diamond painting.

These are the reasons why more and more people are choosing to paint with diamonds. The activity along with bringing out the artistic side of an individual helps to improve concentration and relieve stress.

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