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5 Reasons for the Overwhelming Popularity of 5D Diamond Painting

By Colorelaxation December 16, 2018

Thinking of trying your hand in 5D diamond painting? Well, it is a fantastic idea. For the plethora of benefits this new art form offers, it has gained popularity all over the world.  Not only is it an amazing piece of art that can dress up your wall but it offers scores of health benefits as well. Apart from bringing out the artist in you, it can mollify fear, apprehension and hone your logical and reasoning power. Hence, for the scores of benefits associated with diamond painting, it is worth giving it a shot.

What is 5D Diamond Painting?

The 5D diamond painting makes use of cutting-edge technology for breaking down images into different innovative patterns. The artist applies the shiny, small drills or beads to the sticky canvas for a creating a spell-binding piece of art. This art involves the use of beads, drills or rhinestones which are hardly 2.5mm long. The multi-faceted beads impart a shining appearance and make a diamond painting look striking.

The diamond paintings are usually done in a round or square shapes but other patterns are followed as well. One side of the rhinestone is flat and that is stuck onto the canvas. The rhinestones are either opaque with facets or are translucent permitting the percolation of light through them. Both the opaque and the shimmering translucent crystal gem-style have become immensely popular. Many paintings even involve special gems of myriad sizes and shapes to give an edge to the painting.

Brings Out the Artistic Flair In a Person

The 5D diamond painting has become popular not only with the art connoisseurs but also with budding artists because it demands meticulous attention to detail. Each of the rhinestones needs to be colour-coordinated and be in its right place. The large-sized paintings provide more room for colour variation and detail.  Each of the images can have a wide range of colours between 30 to 50. Arranging the rhinestones in various orientation sparks creativity and brings immense satisfaction to the painter.

5D Diamond painting is a great way to bring out your creative side and hone your innovative skills. The best part is even those without any creative bone can try it and derive immense pleasure. As a result, this art is gaining more and more popularity.

Appeals to the Senses and Brings Immense Satisfaction

Unlike the regular paintings which are flat, the 5D diamond painting is ‘tactile’.  This makes the art all the more interesting. For all the art lovers who enjoy the sense of touch, this form of art is ideal for them. It appeals to all the senses such as the clattering pieces of rhinestones on the tray, the pretty sight of the myriad coloured rhinestones, the sensory feel of the pen and resisting glue and finally, the raised and bumpy diamond painting. Apart from the sense of taste, all the senses are involved in this art and give a huge amount of satisfaction to the painter.

Proves to Be a Big Stress Buster

One of the main reasons for the huge popularity of the 5D diamond painting is because it plays an integral part in allaying anxiety and calming the mind. It relaxes the fear centre of the brain, which is known as ‘amygdale’. As a result, the painter feels de-stressed, relaxed and rejuvenated.

Many compare this new art form to meditation as it soothes the nerves and offers the same benefits as meditation. Budding artists and pros alike derive pleasure, solace, and feeling of accomplishment from this art. One plus side of this art is unlike stitching or cooking, it is easy to pick up.

Screams of Versatility

The 5D diamond painting has become popular among the seasoned artists as well as the amateurs because of the versatility of the art. You can use this amazing piece of art for adorning your home. From using it as a wall art to pillowcase, you can do an array of things with your 5D diamond painting. All you would need to do the painting is a flat surface. You could carry your supplies along with you. It is the convenience of this artwork that does not need too much of preparation or accessories have contributed to its popularity.

It is Easy to Pick Up

One of the best things about the 5D diamond painting is that it is fairly easy to learn compared to the other forms of art like singing, charcoal painting, cooking, playing the violin etc. You do not require a single artistic bone in your body to pick up this form of art. As a result, many people have become keen to try it out.

For all these reasons the 5D diamond painting art has exploded in popularity.

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