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Where to Buy Diamond Painting Kits?

By Colorelaxation January 20, 2019

Diamond painting is an art form that requires extreme concentration and good tools so that the painting is produced in a beautiful manner. You will need the perfect tools to complete a well-made diamond painting. Without having a good knowledge of where to buy diamond painting kits you would not be able to start your painting or even complete it properly.

Colorelaxation provides you with the best tools for diamond painting at affordable prices. They have the perfect tools to do your own diamond painting. You can purchase anything you want from us which you think would be useful to form your diamond painting kit. We provide you with many options from which you can choose the tools that you want. The different tools found in a diamond painting kit provided by Colorelaxation are as follows:

Ultra-thin A4 LED Light Tablet Pad for Diamond Painting

led light tablet pad
This ultra-thin pad provided by Colorelaxation is the best place where you can start your diamond painting comfortably. This product is the perfect tool for diamond painting as you can easily make tracing symbols. The brightness and efficient touch technology make it an ideal part of every diamond painting kit.

Diamond Painting Tool Pen with LED Light

This is a pen that can be used to paint on the LED tablet. It has a LED light on top of the screw which makes it easy for you to trace on the tablet. It is also easy to use in dark rooms because of the LED light that guides you during your painting.

Double Head Point Drill Pen

This is a double-headed pen which has a metal head on one side and a crayon head on the other. This pen is extremely useful during diamond painting since it can be used to determine the minute details of the painting that you are creating.

28 Detachable Diamond Embroidery Box

Colorelaxation provides you with 28 detachable diamond embroidery box which is perfect for satisfying your diamond painting needs. You can store any accessories that you might require during your diamond painting. The box is divided into 7 rows with 4 grids each which can individually be detached and moved.

Foldable 3X Magnifier LED

This magnifier Led is the perfect tool to add to your diamond painting kit. This 3x magnifier we provide will help you to add the minute details to your painting. It is going to provide you with 3x view so that you make no mistakes in your painting in the tiny parts.

Storage Box Case Holder 60 Bottles

This hard case box from Colorelaxation will help you to store 60 bottles within which you can store any of your accessories for diamond paint. These bottles are movable which makes it easy use. The hard case protects the bottles from any external damage and the compact size will help you to carry the whole case anywhere.

10 Pcs Round Box for Diamond Storage

This set of 10 pcs of the box is quite useful to protect your diamond painting accessories. The size of the box is such that you can store small items in them. They can be carried around quite easily without having to worry about any space consumption.

Head Mount Magnifier (up to 3.5X) with LED Light Bracket and Headband

This tool is also necessary for your diamond painting kit since this head mount magnifier is quite easy to use. The headband ad bracket that we provide will help you to attach the magnifier to your head and you can easily view through it without any uneasiness. They have a 3.5X range which means that you can see the smallest of smallest details in your diamond painting an place the required accessories.

Characterized Diamond Drill Pens

These drill pens are customized and fun to use. They have characters designed on the head of the pen which makes it quite fun to look at and a good attraction for children.

Storage Box Case Holder 30 Bottles

This box case provided by us has 30 bottles in which you can store any kind of accessories that you might require in your painting. They are easy to handle and store.

Diamond Painting Canvas Frame

This canvas frame provided by us will help you to paint on it physically and we all know that painting on a canvas can be really fun.

    These tools found in Colorelaxation will be helpful in completing your diamond painting kit. These tools are of the best quality which is quite necessary for a good quality painting. Browse Colorelaxation to find the perfect equipment and the best diamond painting kit. You now know where to buy diamond painting kits of excellent quality.  

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