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Top 5 Diamond Painting Tools and Supplies Varieties

By Colorelaxation December 17, 2018


If you have decided to try your hand in diamond painting, you have to invest in the right painting tools and supplies to breathe life into your painting. Now the question is how would you know what tools to purchase for diamond painting? To make your job easy, here we have compiled some of the essential tools you would need for this artwork. Diamond sticky pens, sticky gels, stickers, plastic plates, tweezers, diamond embroidery box with grids, label stickers, etc. are some of the must-have tools for doing this art.

What are the Must-Have Diamond Painting Tools?

Keen to try out the art of diamond painting? It is certainly not rocket science and all you would need is a set of tools. Don’t break your head over what to buy and what not to. This article would give you a fairly good idea about the most necessary tools accessories you need to buy.

One of the most important diamond painting supplies is the canvas. Before beginning your painting you must know how to read the canvas. It comprises of tiny boxes that are labeled and colored with different numbers just like the cross-stitch ‘canvas’. Each of the numbers corresponds to a specific diamond color. All the numbers are present on the chart along with their respective bags as well as diamond color on or written below it. The chart is present on the side of a canvas.

Some of the squares could contain a symbol or letter instead of a number. You need to treat those as numbers. Before beginning your work you need to unroll the canvas and tape it down on a flat surface. The best way to secure the canvas is with the help of masking tape. You could even consider taping your canvas to a ‘board’ which you can easily remove later.

Baggies with Crystals:

Among the essential diamond painting supplies is the crystals without which  painting diamond is impossible. The crystals are available in different bags. First of all, you need to select the right box on the canvas to begin your painting. After checking out the number on the box you need to look up the corresponding number on the chart and then find a bag containing the crystals of the ‘same number’. This is how to select the right crystals for a specific number on the box.

Diamond Sticky Pens:

One of the key tools needed to carry out your diamond art work is the sticky pen. The function of the sticky pen as the name suggests is to pick up the beads, drills, or rhinestones. Some of the sticky pens are available with a wide end that helps in picking up to three or more crystals. You just need to press the pen against the faceted portion of a crystal and lift away from your tray. The next step is to press the crystal or stone on the corresponding square on the canvas and gently press it so that it sticks onto it.


Another important tool you would need to complete your diamond art work is the tray. You need the tray to hold the crystals, drills or rhinestones. Some of the diamond painting kits are available with many trays. While doing the painting you need to do one canvas patch at a time. Different trays are needed to hold the differed colored crystals.


The canvas on which you would do the painting is available with a plastic covering. It is sheer foolishness to peel off all the plastic cover at once. Some of the kits are available with the ‘pre-cut’ plastic strips. You have to do the painting of one patch of the canvas at a time. With the help of the tweezer peel off the plastic strips one at a time.

Wax Pad:

The wax pad contains the wax that helps the crystals to remain stuck onto the canvas.

Along with the above-mentioned tools, there are some essential diamond paint supplies that are necessary for diamond art work such as masking tapes, label stickers, sticky gels, diamond embroidery box, and much more. Some of the diamond art kits are available with sticky pens that have two ends.

These pens not only help in painting but also help in adjusting the positioning of the crystals for making the painting tidier. Last but not least, it is essential to have a proper diamond embroidery box for storing all the tools as well as the crystals.

This sums up about all the essential painting tools, accessories or supplies that are absolutely necessary to carry out your diamond art effectively. Each of the tools has a definite role to play. All of them together contribute to a great piece of art.

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