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How To Paint By Numbers: Tips & Tricks To Create a Masterpiece

By Colorelaxation September 20, 2018

Have you ever wanted to be an artist but didn’t have the skills to be one? Well, don’t worry. Paint by numbers is a great way to fulfill this dream. You can be an artist now regardless of whether you know how to paint or not.  You can create beautiful pieces of art and display them in your homes. Not only will it make you feel good, but it will also increase the beauty of your house.

Number by number, color by color, you just follow the rules and you’ll have an exquisite piece of art. Paint by number is for everyone. From avid artists to novice painters, anyone can create a masterpiece quite easily.

Paint by number is exciting because initially, you have a dull and colorless picture. But as you fill in the colors by following the rules, the picture gets really interesting and beautiful. Sounds fun, right?

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Let’s get started, shall we?

Follow these steps to paint by number

  1. Order a paint-by-number set: First things first. Ask yourself what kind of artwork you want to create. Because you’re very likely to finish the things you like. Sets come in various varieties and you can choose any set from wildlife to birds, to cartoons, to any other theme you may think of.
  2. Find yourself a nice place to work: Once you have purchased a set, it is time to find yourself a nice place to work. You can find a table and cover it with old newspapers to keep it clean. A washable floor will do just fine.
  3. Get some water to clean the brush: Use a container to hold water that you can use to clean your brush. You can use a cup of water or a food container.
  4. Read the instructions on the set: Cut the paint-by-number set open and read the instructions on the box. Each color corresponds to a unique number. You will also see numbers on your painting sheet.
  5. Open the first paint container: Once you have checked which colors correspond to which number, it is now time to open the first container and paint all the areas marked with that number.
  6. Wash the brush off when finished with the first paint: Once you have finished painting the areas with a certain number, it is time to wash your brush so that you do not mix the colors. Use a rag to remove the water from the brush.
  7. Paint the other areas in a similar fashion: Paint all the other areas on the sheet. Make sure you fill the colors in accordance with the numbers assigned to the different areas of the painting.
  8. Let it dry: Now that you have painted all the areas, let the colors to dry. Your painting is now ready.

How to mix the colors?

Some companies provide pre-mixed paints other don’t. If you have purchased a set that has pre-mixed colors then you do not need to worry about mixing the paints.

However, chances are you have to mix the colors on your own. Fret not. Mixing colors is very easy. There would be a letter and a key on the sheet. A 13/5 means you have to mix the color with number 13 and number 5 on it. The composition should be equal. Most of the artists prefer to mix color on their own.

Paint By Number Tips and Tricks

Before you start painting, there are a few tips and tricks you should keep in mind to create an amazing art. These tips and tricks would help you avoid mistakes if you are a beginner. Let’s talk about some of those tips.

  1. Paint slowly and carefully to stay in line and paint smoothly.
  2. Apply more than one layer of paint to hide the colors.
  3. Mix the small number of colors to avoid any wastage of colors.
  4. Start the painting from top to bottom.
  5. Start from a corner and start filling the colors in the picture.
  6. Close the paint containers when not in use to avoid the paints from drying out.
  7. Paint in a well-lit area.
  8. Paint the smaller regions first and then move to the larger regions.
  9. Start from dark colors to light colors.
  10. Try to let the paint dry before moving to the next paint.
  11. Use a toothpick to paint really small areas.
  12. Wash your brush properly before moving to a new color.
  13. Be patient and take your time. Do not rush.
  14. Most importantly, enjoy your project.

Follow these simple tips to create a stunning painting. It might take time in the beginning but that’s alright. The speed will improve with time. Also, don’t be afraid to experiment with things. It is a really cool and enjoyable pastime. Have fun and be an artist.

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