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When Scratches Create Breath-Taking Designs- Scratch Painting!

By Colorelaxation January 20, 2019

A Distinct Technique Of Art- The Scratch Painting!

Scratch Painting is a unique manner of art in which the painter carves a drawing on a solid surface by scratching with sharp objects and then paints the image. The painter uses sharp-edged objects like toothpicks,  scalpels, art knives, like, a pen knife and so on.

A Look At The Past- The History And Emergence Of Scratch Painting!

  • Originally, there was carvings and engravings in woods, stones and metals.
  • With time, there was the discovery of Scratchboard Art.
  • A Scratchboard Art is an art technique which uses a board having black and white surfaces. The artist creates drawings or paintings by scratching out the black ink (top layer) to bring out the white surface underneath.

As the black inked surface begins to disappear, the white surface underneath gives out amazing results.

  • A Scratchboard has a synonym too. A Scraperboard. In Great Britain, people know it as scraperboard
  • Scraperboard art began in the 19th century, in Great Britain. It came as a replacement for metal and wood engravings. It received success in advertising and printing.
  • Today, in the 21st century, the Scraperboard Art is recognised as a popular art.
  • It stands out in its appeal and designs.
  • Scratchboard art can be seen in magazines, advertisements, art exhibition halls and so on.
  • Scratch Painting is an addition to Scratchboard Art. It's in existence since years, now.

Super Easy Steps To Make A Scratch Painting

We all have an artist residing within. It stays dormant but if we awaken it, we can build amazing things. The world will be so much beautiful then!

Making a scratch painting is not rocket science. It’s fun and easy. You can make it too.

Let’s learn the super easy steps to make an amazing Scratch Painting.

  • Take a white coloured A5 size chart paper. You will also need a candle and a tiny bottle of black poster paint (easily available in the market). You can use other colours too. Like Red, since Red-White combination is excellent or blue. It all depends on your choice.
  • Take the white chart paper and place it on a table. (*You must have a hardy base like a wooden table so that your painting doesn’t ruin.)
  • Take the candle and rub it on one side of the white chart paper. Don’t rub it on both sides. (You must cover the entire chart paper with the wax.)
  • After you have finished this, place the white coloured chart paper on cardboard. This gives it a solid base and prevents the colour to spread or smudge.
  • Now, apply the black poster colour paint on the wax surface of the white chart paper. Don’t be in a hurry. If you’re in a hurry while you're painting, the paint does settle well on the chart paper. Also, you must apply a thick coating. Not very thick but semi will do. Do this step carefully. Everything depends on the coating. The better is the coating; the better will be your Scratch Painting.
  • After this task, keep the paper aside for some time. Let the paint settle in nicely. Otherwise, it may become messy.
  • After the paper has dried up, use a sharp-edged object like a toothpick or a fork to draw anything you wish to on the paper. (*Please be safe. Use a friendly sharp device so that you don’t hurt yourself)
  • For example, you can use a toothpick and draw a landscape.
  • Take the toothpick and carve your drawing on the paper. It's exactly like scratching. This is why it’s scratch painting.
  • As you go further with your drawing, you will find how, slowly, the black ink disappears and the white paper underneath gets uncovered.
  • And finally, you will get an amazing picture with the help of scratch painting.

As you go on creating, you will surely come up with great scratch art ideas.

Scratch Painting As A Home Decor

You can always create a spectacular home with a Scratch Painting. If you put one against your living room wall, you are sure to receive great appreciation from your guests.

Or, if you are an art lover, you can also put up a number of scratch paintings and showcase it in your creative room.

A kid’s room having a Scratch Painting can inspire your kids to make one. Who knows, they may grow up to become great artists!

Is Scratch Painting Popular?

Scratch Painting is very popular across the globe. It has also been used as a serious art form.

  • YouTube has too many Scratch Painting videos. You can always learn the basics.
  • Art schools are teaching Scratch Painting as a serious art type.
  • Scratch Painting has also found a place on t-shirt surfaces.
  • Artists are adapting it as a serious career.
  • It is being widely used in decor.

It has various applications.

Scratch Painting which once began with the concept of carving images on wooden, metal, and stones have now become user-friendly and also helps in the economy.

Is A Scratch Always Damaging In Nature?

Does not your face turn depressing if you discover a scratch on your car's body? Or, a wall of your living room shows a scratch, to your surprise? Or, the worst, the winter season leaving scratch marks on your body (if you have dry skin)?

All the above occurrences imply that scratches are damaging in nature.

Can A Scratch Be Creative Too?

It’s surprising but scratches have a creative side too! You can create amazing things out of scratches. It is the ‘Scratch Painting'!

The previous ages saw carvings and engraving on stones and woods, but, now Scratch Painting is being taught and also is getting adapted as a career.

Isn’t it surprising to imagine that how a scratch can take the form of art? That’s the magic of scratch painting!

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