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Scratch Painting – A Great Way Of Expressing Your Thoughts On The Paper

By Colorelaxation February 18, 2019

Scratch painting is basically a type of art that is laid down on a specific wooden panel which is coated with a proper layer of ‘white clay’. After that, the wooden panel is sprayed with a particular layer of ‘black ink’. Scratch painting is also known as ‘Sgraffito’ which literally means “to scratch something”.

The main design is then lightly scratched on the surface of black ink with the use of delicate tools. Artists tend to use a variety of light and dark strokes to achieve the desired effects. Each and every picture made by the scratch painting techniques contains a huge number of scratches that manages to provide the precision and detailing to the same. One can use various kinds of materials like watercolors, acrylics or even go ahead with the black and white effect. 

Main Materials That You Might Need To Prepare Your Own Scratch Painting

Making your own scratch painting would always be a fun task to do. Imagine yourself amidst all the colors and positivity! Well, if you are looking forward to keeping your work stress aside and jump into some creative activities then scratch painting would surely never disappoint you. In order to go ahead with the process of preparing a DIY scratch painting, there are a few materials that you might require.

  • A stock of white card cut into pieces of the size of postcards around 4” x 6”
  • Painter’s tape
  • Crayons
  • Shallow bowls
  • Black colored tempera paint and liquid detergent which is usually used for laundry
  • Paintbrush or small size roller brush
  • Forks, toothpicks or any other kind of items that can be used to scratch

With the help of such basic materials, you would be able to prepare your very own masterpiece. In case you fall short of any of the above-mentioned materials, you can get hold of a simple paper, oil pastels or any other kind of colors and a scratching tool. Especially, if you are working with a child, it is advisable to keep the process as simple as possible.

All you have to do is follow the instructions properly and put in some creativity of your own. And there you go! You would definitely manage to bring life to your scratch painting without a doubt.

Scratch Painting Techniques That Can Help You To Make Your Masterpiece

Whether you are a trained artist or just a beginner, creativity is all that you need to excel in this field. You should have the zest to put in your thoughts and feelings on a piece of paper and make it as realistic as possible. So before you are all pumped up to make your scratch painting, there are a few essential techniques that you would help you to go a long way. You must have a clear idea about the color, tone, brushwork, texture, and composition to make sure that you complete your painting with utmost confidence.

  • The Under-painting Technique – It is always recommended to avoid painting on a white background when you are using acrylics or oils. Make sure that you have a proper colored background with black paint on it. In this way, the colors of the under-paint would come out to be bright and exclusive whenever you use the scratching tools effectively. Make it a point to check if the under-paint has dried off before you apply the black paint layer as you might just scratch off both the layers in the process.
  • The Watercolor Technique – In case you are using watercolors to make your scratch painting on a canvas, you need to be very careful about the entire procedure. Try to use the scratching tools in a proper manner as a little carelessness there might damage the painting as well as the canvas as a whole. You can add a little amount of ‘gum Arabic’ to the watercolors you are using so that the paint gets a body to hold on and the scratch marks become even more prominent.

If you are preparing your kids to make their own piece of scratch painting, you can simply go ahead with the idea of filling a paper with a variety of colors. Put in a layer of thick black color with the type of color products you are using. Then help your child to scratch the desired objects on the black layer of the specific painting. You can also add a bit of texture by using different kinds of scratching tools such as bamboo sticks, forks, knives and so on. 

Follow A Few Essential Tips And Advices To Enhance The Look And Feel Of Your Painting

There is no doubt in the fact that you are super excited to start with your scratch painting as soon as possible. You might be ready with your paper, colors and scratching tools to initiate the process right on. However, before you do so, take in a few tips and advises that might help you in creating your best scratch painting.

  • Try to use a thick paper instead of a thin one. The thickness of cardstock is considered to be perfect for the process of scratch painting. This is mainly because a thin paper might just be torn apart due to all the scratching done on it.
  • Covering a paper with two significant layers of colors would definitely be a time consuming and tiring process. For all the tiny tots who are very excited to use up all their creativity on the paper, it is advisable to use a small size paper to make it quick as well as less daunting.
  • The papers that tend to have a glossy effect would not be able to absorb all the colors and thus, it would be a better idea to use a matte finish paper.

So, now that you have acquired a lot of knowledge regarding scratch painting, you must check out Colorelaxation for a huge variety of scratch painting materials. You just have to get all your tools ready and jump into the procedure of making the best painting you can. Keep practicing until you reach perfection in your paintings. 

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